In this era of consumption upgrading, the creativity and innovation of packaging design has become the primary condition for grabbing the attention of consumers. Although the quality of packaging design is not equal to the quality of the enterprise, consumers will have preconceived notions: if a company does not even pay attention to packaging design, how can it pay attention to the quality of products?


It is understandable that the quality of a product is first and foremost, but after the quality, the packaging design is more important. So, how to extract elements for packaging design?


Use the main ingredients of the product as a design element


Using the main ingredients of a product as a design element allows consumers to see at a glance what the raw materials of the product are and what type of product it is. Commonly used in the packaging design of food and daily chemicals.


Refine design elements based on the origin of the product


There are some places that are famous for a certain product, the raw material of the product, when the country of origin is used as one of the selling points of the product, the packaging design often adopts this method. For example, Nongfu Spring emphasizes the high-quality water source, and depicts the animals and plants of Changbai Mountain on the packaging.


Refine relevant elements according to brand tone


Brand tonality is the first feeling a brand gives to consumers. For example, literary, small and fresh, retro, masculine, fashionable, serious, and fun all belong to brand tonality.


Refine design elements based on the efficacy of the product


For those products that have obvious effects and are not too well known to everyone, it is also a good choice to design packaging based on the efficacy of the product, and it can quickly let consumers know what the product does.


Use the brand’s logo or auxiliary graphics as elements


This form is suitable for well-known brands, or brands with beautiful LOGO and auxiliary graphics. This method is conducive to deepening consumers’ impression of the brand, and this kind of packaging also has its own brand characteristics.


With brand mascots as elements


Now more and more brands will design their own mascots, and for those brands with distinctive mascots that are widely loved by everyone, it is also a good choice to use mascots as the main element of the design.



Design elements based on the main consumer objects


For example, women’s products often use women, flowers, butterflies, feathers, etc., children’s products generally use animals, dolls, children, etc. as the main elements of packaging design, and pet products use pets as the main elements of packaging design.


Directly use the product as a design element


Food packaging is more commonly used in this type of expression, and it is suitable for brands with relatively high-value products, such as our common packaging of biscuits, snacks, and fruits. Mouth-watering food pictures are the most effective weapon for attracting foodies, but they are more demanding for photographers and retouchers.


Design elements in the production process of products


This kind of expression method is more common in tea packaging. This method can easily give people a feeling of professionalism and cultural heritage. It is generally expressed in the form of hand-painted or line drawing.


Use a brand or product story as a design element


Most brands have their own brand stories, and many products also have their origins or legends, which are the source of inspiration for designers to design packaging. For example, the packaging of moon cakes likes to use Chang’e and jade rabbits as design elements.


Refine elements based on product attributes


For example, the packaging of medicines often uses abstract elements such as chemistry and biology; and the packaging of electronic products is mostly required to be simple and technological, so elements such as color blocks and light are often used; gift box packaging requires more festive , will often use bows or ribbons, etc.


Use something directly related to the product as a design element


Many products are not easy to show directly, but some things that are directly related to them show better, and when we see these things, we can immediately think of what products they are. I know it’s a product like a wash.



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