iReal M3 3D Scanning Process

The evolution of 3D scanning technology has significantly empowered the shoe industry, facilitating its digital journey and evolution across the full spectrum of its value chain. For instance, leveraging 3D scanning to reconstruct shoe forms has streamlined the labor-intensive and error-prone manual measurements inherent in conventional design processes. Moreover, scanning individuals’ feet enables customized shoe services, and diverse 3D scanning outputs for shoes enhance e-commerce platforms through immersive showcasing and promotional activities.

Screenshot in iReal 3D Mapping SoftwareScreenshot in iReal 3D Mapping Software

This piece examines the outcomes from using the iReal M3 dual-infrared laser scanner versus the SIMSCAN 3D blue laser scanner, emphasizing the replication of footwear in 3D with precision.

Scanning Outcomes Comparison

To conduct a thorough comparison of 3D scan quality, the iReal M3 and SIMSCAN were employed at 0.2 mm and 0.15 mm resolution settings respectively, capturing the shoe’s 3D structure at an Exposure of 1.0 mm.

Scanning Parameters ComparisonScanning Parameters Comparison


Utilizing the iReal M3 3D Scanner

Employing dual-infrared technology, the iReal M3 scanner is adept at capturing 3D data from both individuals and various objects. This method involves the use of an infrared laser to secure the shoe’s three-dimensional information. Furthermore, by merging two distinct project files, the Model Alignment feature ensures the assembly of a cohesive model.

iReal M3 3D Scanning ProcessiReal M3 3D Scanning Process

iReal M3 3D Scanned Data1iReal M3 3D Scanned Data

Utilizing the SIMSCAN 3D Laser Scanner

SIMSCAN’s scanning workflow mirrors the iReal M3’s, involving dual scans and subsequent data alignment for an accurate 3D model formation.

SIMSCAN 3D Scanning ProcessSIMSCAN 3D Scanning Process

Both data sets were then analyzed using Geomagic Wrap software for in-depth comparison.

The comparison highlights SIMSCAN’s data as more refined, showcasing crisper edges and more thoroughly captured obscured areas. If precision and data integrity are paramount, SIMSCAN emerges as the superior option, boasting a volume accuracy of 0.015 mm + 0.035 mm/m. In contrast, iReal M3 offers a volume accuracy of up to 0.25 mm/m, presenting a cost-effective alternative for budget-conscious users.

Data Comparison in Geomagic Wrap 1

Data Comparison in Geomagic Wrap 1

Data Comparison in Geomagic Wrap 3Data Comparison in Geomagic Wrap

Generating Lifelike Textures for 3D Models

The majority of portable 3D laser scanners generate monochromatic 3D data, lacking textures. Despite some professional color 3D scanners capturing color, their performance often doesn’t measure up to that of smartphone or specialized cameras, prompting the development of the texture-enhancing iReal 3D Mapping software.

With the burgeoning growth of online shopping and the widespread adoption of 3D digitization and VR technology, e-commerce and brand websites globally are ingeniously incorporating these technologies into product visualization. Authentic, full-color 3D shoe models enable 720° all-encompassing product displays on e-commerce sites, assisting companies in detailing their products meticulously. This approach also supports shoe businesses in creating their own 3D product libraries, establishing digital product archives, and underpinning both online and offline product presentations with robust data. Utilizing full-color 3D models for generating product images resolves inconsistencies inherent in traditional photography, lowering photography costs. These vivid 3D product visualizations allow consumers to thoroughly inspect product details, highlighting the importance of using realistic, full-color 3D models in attracting customers.

Ultra-realistic Texture with Luminous ColorUltra-realistic Texture with Luminous Color

The iReal 3D Digital Solution Workflow

The iReal 3D solutions, leveraging a handheld scanner, stand out for their broad data capturing capabilities. Here’s the workflow: an iReal M3 color scanner is used to scan a shoe pair from various angles, capturing extensive data. Simultaneously, numerous photos are taken with a DSLR camera. These photos are then imported into the iReal 3D Mapping software and applied to the 3D model for photorealistic texturing.

iReal M3 3D Scanning the ShoeiReal M3 3D Scanning the Shoe

Taking Photos with a DSLR CameraTaking Photos with a DSLR Camera

Applying Photogrammetry in iReal 3D MappingApplying Photogrammetry in iReal 3D Mapping

Creating Marketing-Ready High-Quality 3D Models

The resulting high-definition, full-color 3D model exemplifies the iReal 3D solution’s efficacy and simplicity. It not only enhances the visual appeal of products for marketing and sales but also serves as a direct means of engaging customers with the product’s charm.

Amazing Details Created in 3DAmazing Details Created in 3D

Looking ahead, consumer services will evolve to be more precise, dependable, and swift in catering to personalized demands. The iReal 3D digital solutions facilitate the transition of traditional shoe companies towards a cohesive online-offline business framework, supporting the broader adoption of 3D technologies for innovative growth opportunities.


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