Multichannel analysis of surface waves geophones are designed to respond to a certain frequency (e.g.4.5Hz,8Hz,14Hz and 40Hz). While 4.5Hz geophone are used for most depth.

A multichannel analysis of surface waves seismic survey that needs to cover a long linear path quickly may utilize a landstreamer. One common configuration of a landstreamer is 24 takeouts spaced 5 feed apart connected with Kooter connectors.


 A Geostuff landstreamer is a thick strap reinforced that is used to tow an array of geophones. The geophones are fastened to heavy metal blocks that are fixed to the straps. The linear geophone array is rolled along by towing it. The weight of the blocks are intended to provide the necessary coupling to the ground for the geophone to respond.

A Geode is often accompanied with either two takeout cable or one 24 takeout cable. A takeout is the point where a geophone is connected to the cable. Geophones and takeouts come with a couple of different types of connectors that need to be alike.

The two most common connectors are water tight Kooter connectors and Mueller Clips. Kooter connectors minimize signal loss in moist environments.


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