In many automated factories, AGV plays an important role in the production process, so what changes will the 5g network bring to the factory?

  1. Strengthen logistics cooperation GV small workshop

As we all know, the communication of logistics AGV vehicles relies on network support. The emergence of 5g guarantees the high-speed communication of AGV trolleys and enables AGV trolleys to have the level of self-organization and collaboration. According to the scheduled tasks, AGV vehicles can cooperate with each other to complete tasks that a single AGV vehicle cannot complete.

  1. The use of 5g logistics AGV vehicles has the characteristics of safety, reliability, and ultra-low delay. It can more timely perceive the behavior of employees, be sensitive and coordinated, maintain a safe distance, and ensure the safety of the vehicle and its materials.
  2. AGV car real-time control

For some special environments where high temperature and high pressure are not suitable for manual entry, the staff can use the 5G network to remotely control the AGV trolley through the monitoring platform in real-time and complete the set work plan safely and reliably.

  1. Real-time collection and analysis of AGV data

Through the low-latency characteristics of the 5g network, a large number of AGV automotive logistics equipment and important parts can be interconnected in the factory, which improves the timeliness of production and manufacturing data collection, and provides strong network data support for production and manufacturing business processes and energy consumption management. Through the production log generated by the logistics AGV, employees can understand the time, location and trajectory of logistics operations.

In the future, 5g networks will vigorously develop applications in this field and realize real-time management of production equipment, which will trigger a new industrial revolution.



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