5G is the fifth generation of cellular mobile communications. The performance goals of 5G are high data rates, reduced delays, energy savings, cost reductions, increased system capacity and large-scale device connections.

High speed

The data transmission rate of the 5G network is much higher than the previous cellular network, up to 10 Gbit/s, which is 100 times faster than the previous 4G LTE cellular network. With the ultra-large bandwidth transmission capability of 5G, even watching 4K high-definition video, 360-degree panoramic video, and VR virtual reality experience will not be stuck.

Low latency

One of the goals of each generation of wireless products is to reduce waiting time. The new 5G network will have a delay compared to 4G LTE transmission, and the data transmission will take less than 5 minutes. . This feature shows that 5G networks have great applications in telemedicine operations, unmanned driving, automatic industrialization and other fields. During the new coronavirus epidemic, we can grasp that 5G has played a significant role in global epidemic information sharing, prevention and control.

Internet of Everything

The Internet of Things is the main driving force for the development of 5G, and the industry believes that 5G is designed for the Internet of Everything. From the perspective of demand level, the Internet of Things first meets the needs for identification of items and information reading, and secondly, the transmission and sharing of this information through the network, and then the system management and information data brought by the increase in the magnitude of the networked objects analyze, and finally change the business model of the enterprise and people’s life mode to realize the Internet of Everything.

Ubiquitous Network

With the development of services, network services need to be all-encompassing and widespread. Only in this way can we support richer services and can be used in complex scenarios. The ubiquitous network provides influence at two levels: wide coverage and deep coverage. To a certain extent, the ubiquitous network is more important than high speed. Just building a very high-speed network with a small number of places does not guarantee the service and experience of 5G, and the ubiquitous network is a fundamental guarantee for the 5G experience.


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