Affected by the outbreak in Wuhan, people have been asked to take their body temperature in public places and on public transportation. When measuring body temperature, surveyors commonly use non-contact infrared thermometer, also known as “forehead thermometer.” So in the process of measuring body temperature, what should the use of forehead thermometer pay attention to? Does frequent use of a frontal thermometer to measure body temperature for multiple people cause cross-infection?

Follow the below tips to safely use an infrared thermometer safely and accurately.


1. The normal range of human body temperature is “36℃~37℃”. If the measurement results exceed 37.2℃, it will be preliminarily judged as fever.

2. Before the measurement, the subject should wipe off the sweat and sebum, keep the forehead clean and dry, and the hair should not cover the forehead.

3. If the temperature difference in the transition environment is too large, the test subjects should rest for about 20 minutes in the measurement environment, and then measure after they get used to the environment temperature, which can make the measurement result more.

4. When measuring, the head of the forehead thermometer should be aimed at the center of the subject’s forehead, slightly above the middle of the eyes, not more than 3 cm from the forehead.Too close or too far measurements are prone to inaccurate measurement results.When measuring, the person should close their eyes, to prevent infrared damage to the eyes.

5. The forehead thermometer should keep the nozzle clean. The measurement should not touch the skin of the tested person. After the measurement, wipe with slightly wet alcohol gauze or alcohol cotton ball for more than 30 seconds for disinfection.

6. During the outbreak, the tester should wear a mask, gloves, goggles.


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