Advantages and disadvantages of laying artificial grass and natural grass for football field

In recent years, with the rapid development of the social economy, people have paid more and more attention to physical health, and more and more people participate in sports activities. This requires sports facilities to be larger and more. Many schools are rebuilding and expanding stadiums. The school’s football field has been using artificial grass instead of natural turf in recent years. What are the advantages of artificial grass over natural turf?
Investment cost
1. Artificial grass turf: At present, the price of artificial turf is about 100 yuan/㎡, and the cost of foundation (ash soil, reinforced concrete) is 60 yuan/㎡. The overall cost is about 160 yuan/㎡. With the development of new varieties, the cost is expected to develop in a more affordable price.
2. Natural turf: At present, the natural turf market is being transformed from the seller’s market to the buyer’s market. In recent years, the price fluctuates greatly. The current price is between 10 and 50 yuan/㎡. The basic natural turf football field has a high requirement for foundation, and is generally composed of a turf layer, a cultivating layer, a drainage layer and an adjustment layer.

Management and maintenance
1. Artificial grass: The artificial grass field has a short construction period, which can be completed in half a month. After being put into use, only regular basic maintenance needs to be carried out.
2. Natural turf: the natural turf football field must be maintained after putting into use. It is necessary to regularly water, fertilize, and trim to prevent pests and diseases. The maintenance cost in the later period is extremely expensive. Moreover, it is greatly affected by temperature, weather and soil. It is easy to be damaged during use, and it is necessary to replant frequently.
Service life and use efficiency
1. Artificial grass: The service life of artificial grass field is generally between 10-15 years. It is basically not affected by weather during use. Even in the case of heavy rain, it can be drained after 20-30 minutes.
2. Natural turf: the life of the natural lawn field will not last long. Even the natural turf football field in professional football clubs with professional maintenance staff has a service life of only five or six years. Generally, a new turf will be replaced after five or six years. In terms of use efficiency, it is even lower. The pitches in well-known football clubs can generally be used 2-3 times a week. To undertake a regular competition, it is generally necessary to stop using one month in advance and carry out special maintenance.
The landscape effect
1. Artificial grass: The artificial grass field is not subject to seasonal climate changes, and it is always green all year round. It is a beautiful landscape.
2. Natural lawn: in autumn and winter, most of the lawn will die. The entire stadium is a piece of yellow and even a bare piece of plain soil.


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