I believe that many people have seen prefilter videos on the Internet, and many families have installed prefilters. In fact, pre-filters can only filter initially. For families who want to drink directly, there are many disadvantages, but there are also many advantages. Let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of prefilters !

Advantages of prefilter:

The prefilter element is not used for half a year or one year like other filter elements. The pre-filter can be removed and washed regularly, and then reused, generally ten or twenty years is no problem. Part of the prefilter even has an automatic flushing function, you don’t need to remove and wash manually, it will be flushed regularly by itself. It can also solve the problem of excessive water pressure in the water purifier, and avoid damaging the filter element of the water purifier when the water pressure surges. The suitable water pressure for a general household water purifier is in the range of 0.1 to 0.4 MPa, which is too large or too small None of the water purifiers work properly. In addition, the prefilter can also protect the water safety of other household appliances, such as high-end faucets, washing machines, water heaters, toilets, etc. at home.

Disadvantages of prefilter:

The first point is that the prefilter basically discharges waste water, so you must know this problem when installing, and reserve the waste water pipe in advance, otherwise it will not be used later; the second point is due to the prefilter The filter adopts the filter method, which is installed at the water inlet of the home, which will have a certain impact on the water pressure of the home.

The backwash prefilter penetrates from the inner wall of the filter screen to the outer wall through the pressure of tap water, and the particulate impurities such as sand, rust, etc. are trapped in the pipe. Open the flush valve and the impurities trapped by the filter screen are washed away by the water. The water quality is relatively poor, and consumers don’t need to worry about it if they don’t rinse for a long time. Through the backwash switch, the piston runs to the lower part, and the direction of water flow is changed to “external pressure”. The impurities embedded on the surface of the filter element and cannot be washed away by the forward flush are washed away by the reverse running water.

Compared with the previous products, the backwash prefilter has a great improvement in technology. The structure is reasonable. The water inlet and outlet can be rotated at any time. The installation is convenient. The front body of the water pipe in any direction can be installed vertically; the flushing design Reasonable “forward and recoil as you wish” will completely flush out the impurities and prevent secondary pollution caused by accumulation of impurities. The most critical point can be as low as 5 microns in accuracy.

Do I need to install a prefilter for domestic water? If you think it is necessary to install the prefilter, you can install it. After seeing the advantages and disadvantages of installing the pre-filter, I also give you a clearer answer on whether to install the prefilter, all according to your daily routine Life needs to choose.


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