What is a Capacitive switch? and Advantages of Capacitive switch

Thin construction that can be applied to curved surfaces
No moving parts to wear down leading to a long-life span
Intricate backlighting possibilities
Functionality that is not easily available in other switch options
Proximity or sub surface sensing
Capacitive Switch Options
Custom color matching and intricate graphical layer design – Our team has the experience to make the face of your product stand out from the field.
Proximity Sensing – Capacitive switches can have built in proximity sensing options to add functionality to your product
Enhanced Functionality – capacitive switches can incorporate unique switch functionality such as sliders, wheels, locking keys, and other features.
Metal-over-cap – special capacitive switches and sensors can be built using metal-over-cap technology that allows conductive materials over the sensor area.
Tactile feedback – Tactile feedback can still be achieved on a capacitive switch using haptics and other methods
Embossed Keys – Key areas can be embossed, or raised or lowered, to give a feel guide to where the key is.This can be a pillow or ring emboss.
Backlighting – Custom backlighting solutions for your product can include; led light guide films, EL Lamps, and fiber optics. While LED light guide films can provide the most even lighting options, each application has its advantages and we can help guide you to the best solution for your project.
Display windows – These can be incorporated into a variety of shapes and sizes and can be tinted or clear.
Shielding – Capacitive switches can be built with EMI, RFI, and ESD layers to protect your product.
Backplates – Capacitive switch assemblies can be stand-alone flexible circuits or built up on rigid backplates including aluminum, steel, or other options.
PCB’s –Capacitive switches can be sensing pads on rigid PCBs that can also act as a rigid backplate.
Termination – A variety of terminations can be used to mate a capacitive switch to your product. Our team can match your specifications

What is a Capacitive switch? and Advantages of Capacitive switch


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