Anti Vandal Switch

The switch is one of the components with the highest working intensity in electronic products. The function of the switch is different from other components, and it is an important interface between the operator and the machine. Among all types of switches, there is a switch whose working strength must be higher than most switches, that is, anti-vandal switches. Regardless of the application, this type of switch must provide powerful functions, reliable performance and robust protection, while also being easy to install and use. Most importantly, these switches must provide reliable protection against malicious tampering and damage to the equipment.

Anti Vandal Switch

Most anti-vandal switches are designed with round buttons. The frame and actuator of the switch are made of stainless steel, which has high mechanical strength and strong chemical resistance. The actuator is the most frequently used part of the switch, and its shape design usually reduces the risk of misoperation and damage caused by potential saboteurs.

With a small size design, the actuator helps to limit the distance between the switch and the panel, thereby minimizing damage caused by a screwdriver or other slim tools, while simplifying operation. These switches, also known as vandal-proof switches, are connected to the panel using pre-installation technology, and the fixed nut (called a locknut) is safely hidden behind the panel to further ensure that the switch has a smooth outer contour.

In most cases, vandal-proof switches are installed in areas exposed to wind and rain for applications such as external security systems. This means that the material of the switch must not only withstand frequent use, but also withstand harsh environments. The use of appropriate materials is essential for long-term and reliable protection of the precision electronic components in the equipment.

For this reason, designers need to consider more than simple waterproof functions. This involves developing solutions to protect the equipment from more harmful substances, such as strong adhesives or flammable liquids, both of which can damage the equipment. When developing the appropriate type of switch for the application, the designer must also consider other hazards.

Choosing the correct switch must first understand the manufacturing method of the actuator in the tamper-resistant switch, especially its fine tolerance, to limit or prevent liquid from entering the device. The switch can also use sealing materials that can withstand chemical erosion. In addition to providing robust protection and reliable performance, anti-vandal switches must also provide eye-catching designs. Because these switches are sometimes used in dark places, their design must help people understand how the relevant controls work and what they control.

At TE, we design and manufacture a variety of sturdy and reliable anti-vandal switches according to strict specifications. The user-friendly interface is easy to operate, and the materials can protect and optimize the service life.

Our anti-vandal switch design adopts the “install and forget” solution. This is very important in situations where equipment is exposed to potential hazards and needs to be enhanced to increase output.

For example, in harsh environments such as factories, our anti-vandal switches can be used continuously under extreme conditions. In high-usage systems such as elevators and electronic service stations, these switches can ensure long-term reliability.

The cost associated with equipment failure can be high, not only requires repair or replacement, and replacement of faulty components can cause unexpected downtime or delays, so we have developed a series of vandal-proof switches, whether it is encountered with vibration, fast-moving machinery, or corrosive Liquid, all can still operate as expected.


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