Application and selection of 12v rocker switch

In fact, for the whole machine, the 12v rocker switch cannot be regarded as a “key component”, but it is indispensable, although the sparrow is small and has all the internal organs. Considering the function, appearance, quality, and stability of the 12v rocker switch, a good 12v rocker switch can not only improve the product grade and the overall stability of the product, but also improve the safety of operation and the overall lighting of the product. Provide high reliability guarantee in the operation of other functions of the product.

Generally speaking, the 12v rocker switch is a kind of electrical switch components. It is one of the switches with the simplest layout, the most convenient installation, and the most comprehensive functions among all switches. It can be used to control the switch, on-off, and command of the whole machine. And lighting, etc.; simple and quick operation, long service life, widely used in construction machinery, agricultural machinery and many other occasions.

Specific to the product itself, the choice of 12v rocker switch mainly has the following aspects:

(1) Appearance. The appearance here refers to the body and the rocker (or symbol card) of the 12v rocker switch. The panel of the high-quality 12v rocker switch should be made of high-grade plastic products, that is, uniform material, smooth surface and texture, such as the commonly known PC material (polycarbonate, short for Polycarbonate). The flame retardancy, insulation and impact resistance of this material are excellent, and the material is stable and not easy to change color. Switches and sockets made of such materials can greatly reduce the occurrence of fires caused by electrical circuits. What needs to be pointed out here is that at present, most of this material in China is dependent on imports. Because the PC materials produced by a few domestic manufacturers are too large to meet the requirements, and most of them are produced by recycling raw materials, the original material itself has been lost. Function. In addition, as for the rocker or symbol card, good switches are all logos printed on laser resin, which are not easy to fall off and wear;

(2) Internal structure. On the rocker of the 12v rocker switch, there is a silver-white contact that is used to control the on and off of the switch current. Good switch contacts are made of silver alloys (silver-nickel alloys, silver-chromium alloys, etc., because silver has the best electrical conductivity and silver alloys have the strongest arc suppression ability). No matter what alloy, the purpose is It is to enhance the hardness of silver and increase its melting point to prevent the silver from melting when the current is too high; or to prevent the arc from causing oxidation when opening and closing. In addition, for the rocker itself, it is a current-carrying part (for carrying current), and the material must be copper alloy (if it is pure copper or brass, it does not meet the requirements);

(3) Functional style. It mainly involves the following aspects: rocker gear, circuit principle, symbol card icon and function, etc. Generally, the rocker of a rocker switch has 2 or 3 positions, including whether it has a stable position. In addition, the circuit can also include a diode. The load current of the switch in the circuit is generally about 10A. In addition, a good rocker switch should have clear requirements or quantitative indicators in terms of functional stability and service life, and the types and functions of symbols should also comply with international ISO standards;

(4) Wiring and installation methods. Generally speaking, the way of wiring is an important standard to verify the safety of electricity. For terminal blocks and attached connectors, their protection levels and sealing standards should also have corresponding quantitative values. Most rocker switches have two modes: direct terminal connection and plug-in connection, which users can choose at will.


According to the above requirements, users and distributors should pay attention to the following points when purchasing 12v rocker switches:

(1) The whole body of the rocker switch should be made of PC material. For some rocker switches, only the outer frame is PC, and the rest are not. For this kind of switches, their materials do not meet the requirements;

(2) For PC material, it should have flame-retardant properties, so users can use a lighter to test it (it can definitely be ignited, because PC material is also a kind of plastic, but the international standard is 30 seconds after leaving the fire source. , Will not continue to burn), if it does not meet the standards, the material is also inferior;

(3) The logo on the rocker or the symbol card should be made of laser resin. Here we must learn to distinguish the two substances, laser resin and phosphor, because phosphor is harmful to the human body and is easy to fall off and wear. Generally, the strip marks of phosphors are very clear, but the resin will have a dark color (in non-working state), this can be verified;

(4) Pay attention to purchasing products with clear technical indicators. The outer packaging and certificates of the products must be complete. It is best to buy products from world-renowned large companies. You must be able to obtain clear technical confirmation before choosing rocker switches And the program.



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