Sealant is a new type of sealing material that appears in modern automobile engine maintenance. The emergence and development of automotive sealants provide good conditions for improving the sealing technology and solving the “three leaks” of the engine.

There are many types of sealants, which can be applied to different parts of the car. Automobile engines usually use non-adhesive (commonly known as liquid gasket) sealant. It is a viscous liquid substance with a polymer compound as the matrix. After coating, a uniform, stable and continuous adhesion thin layer or peelable film is formed on the joint surface of the part, and can be fully filled into the depression and the joint surface. Go in the crevice.

The sealant can be used alone or in combination with the engine valve cover, oil pan, valve lifter cover, etc., or can be used alone under the last bearing cover of the crankshaft, as well as the oil hole plugs and oil plugs. Wait.

In the maintenance of automobile engines, the phenomenon of “three leaks” (water leakage, oil leakage and air leakage) is the most headache for maintenance personnel. The “three leaks” seem ordinary and not worth mentioning, but it directly affects the normal use of the car and the cleanliness of the car engine. Whether the “three leaks” of important parts of the engine can be strictly controlled is an important issue that maintenance personnel must consider. Therefore, the quality of engine seal materials and their correct selection directly affect the performance of engine sealing.


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