The name Hockey originated in French and means the shepherd’s stick. Hockey is one of the oldest and most glorious events in the Olympic Games. Hockey has appeared 1200 years earlier than the original Olympic Games.

Hockey turf  is one of the most demanding artificial grass products. Hockey turf is very different from the football grass or leisure grass.

Due to the characteristics of hockey games, the grass should conform to good water retention, water permeability, strong abrasion resistance, excellent flatness, anti-aging, weather resistance, high grass density, non-directionality, and always keep the ball moving.

The installation is also very demanding. The double requirements of both seep and water put a new test on the construction.

According to the requirements, after 35 minutes of watering, the artificial grass surface will retain an average of 3mm of water, and the water volume of any place shall not be less than 2mm.

To this end, it is recommended to use lime, coarse asphalt, medium asphalt, rubber particle damping layer, artificial grass, the above five-layer laying method to meet the basic requirements.

Features of hockey artificial grass:

1. Good water retention and water permeability;

2. Very strong wear resistance, long service life;

3. Excellent flatness, anti-aging and weather resistance;

4. High grass density, no directional, keep the moving direction of the ball;

5. Thick cushion layer, excellent sports performance and foot feeling;

6. Environmental protection, no pollution, no fading.


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