We invest heavily to introduce this new equipment– Assemble & inspection integrated equipment recently to improve production efficiency.

Assembly & inspection integrated equipment

For traditional procedures, Assembly, press riveting, riveting, torque detection, four steps usually need four equipment and four labor before ,but now can be completed by one equipment and one labor, which improves the production efficiency and saves the labor cost and time cost ,And achieve 100% on-line detection of products.

Assembly & inspection integrated equipment is 1.5 meters long, 2 meters high and weighs about 450 kg. Although the machine is small, it has comprehensive functions and can be operated in one machine with four processes. A set of process down less than a minute, the traditional four processes, four machine operation down at least 5 minutes, greatly saving time, improve production efficiency. Visual touch screen operation, each tension wheel assembly will automatically detect torque, torque curve automatically generated, at a glance. Make sure that every assembled tension wheel is qualified.

In the process of assembly and testing, assembly & inspection integrated equipment will automatically alarm the unqualified products, which greatly improves the factory pass rate of finished products and ensures that the products delivered to customers are qualified products.


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