The birth of a baby heralds a new life in the family. For this brand-new life, many elders have endless expectations. Before the baby is born, he is fully prepared for the baby, especially for some daily baby products. Preparation. In fact, there are still many things that we need to pay attention to when preparing baby products. After all, these need to be used on our newborn babies, especially the bedding that the baby lays down every day after birth. How to choose bedding for babies What?


The younger the baby is, the more time he spends in bed. Mothers should arrange comfortable sleeping supplies for the baby and create the best sleeping conditions. So how to choose bedding for babies?

Baby bedding for baby bedding selection guide

The baby’s bedding should be prepared separately. Choose soft bedding with good warmth, light color cotton or soft cloth. Try to avoid fabrics made of synthetic fiber or nylon, because this kind of fabric absorbs water Both sex and breathability are relatively poor, which can easily lead to the symptoms of sweat rash or dermatitis in newborn babies.


In addition, baby quilts do not need to choose those that are too thick and too large, it is best to use square quilts made of cotton and soft cloth. For premature babies, the quilt used should be made of feathers or wool and other materials with good thermal insulation. In addition, the editor recommends that parents should prepare a small blanket, because the blanket is more breathable, thin and warm, it is suitable for wrapping newborn babies. Baby bed linen selection guide for baby bed sheets. The bed linen used for babies should use a comprehensive product, and the size should be slightly larger than the cot, so that it can be easily pressed around the mattress under the surrounding, so as to avoid the baby from moving. The sheets are messed up.

Baby Bedding Selection Guide for Baby Bedding

The newly born baby is in the stage of growth and development, and the bones are still relatively soft, so the choice of the baby’s back is also very important. First of all, the back of the baby’s pad should not be too soft, because if the back of the pad is too soft, the baby’s spine is often in a curved state, then it is likely to deform the baby’s spine, even hunchback.


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