A. Wrapped baby sleeping bag: 0~3 months

Wrapped baby sleeping bags are suitable for babies from 0 to 3 months old. During this period, babies in this period are prone to startle reflexes because they have not yet developed the nervous system. They can wake up or accidentally scratch themselves, and the feeling of wrapping can give the baby mother Uterine-like security, sleep soundly and comfortably.

In addition, this type of sleeping bag must choose a loose and tight style and a style that is easy for the baby to change diapers, so that the baby’s legs and feet can still move, and will not affect the development of the hip joint.


B. Integrated sleeping bag: 3~18 months

This type of sleeping bag is suitable for babies who have small movements and do not like to turn over. The integrated design has a small sense of restraint on the baby, and can also wrap the baby’s feet. Convenience.

C. Split-leg sleeping bag: 1~5 years old


The split-leg sleeping bag is suitable for a little older, especially for babies who have turned over or sleep and like to move around. With this sleeping bag, your baby’s activities are not affected and there is no pressure to change various sleeping positions. But this kind of sleeping bag usually exposes the baby’s feet, so mother should pay attention to let the baby put on socks.


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