Any product development in the world needs a prototype. On the basis of the prototype, the development of the whole system is gradually completed. In order to make sure that the idea is functional and a rapid prototyping company can do that in a short time.

The rapid prototype model is to build a prototype system that can reflect the main needs of users. It let users try it on the computer and understand the profile of the target system through practice. Usually, users will put forward a lot of modification suggestions after trying the prototype system. Developers can quickly modify the prototype system according to the opinions of users. Then invite users to try again. Once the user thinks that the prototype system can do the work they need. Developers can write specification documents based on this document. Besides, the software developed based on this document can meet the real needs of users.

Benefits of Rapid Prototyping Services

The rapid prototyping model has the following advantages

(1) Freeform manufacturing. The meaning of free-forming manufacturing has two aspects: one is to make prototypes or parts without using tools and moulds. It can greatly shorten the trial production cycle of new products and save the cost of tools and moulds. The other is without the limitation of shape complexity. It can be able to make prototypes or parts work with any shape, structure or different materials.

(2) Fast manufacturing efficiency. Generally, it takes only a few hours to get the data from CAD digital-analog or entity reverse to make the prototype. This process is much faster than the traditional forming processing method.

(3) It is directly driven by the CAD model. Every kind of rapid prototyping manufacturing process is driven by the CAD digital model. The way to manufacture the rapid prototyping equipment system determines the characteristics of rapid manufacturing and free forming.

(4) Highly integrated technology. The high integration of new materials, laser application technology, precision servo drive technology, computer technology and numerical control technology supports the realization of rapid prototyping technology.

(5) High economic benefits. Rapid prototyping technology manufacturing prototype or parts are without tooling. What‘s more, it also has nothing to do with the complexity of the molding or parts. The cost of the prototype or parts itself manufacturing process is significantly reduced. In addition, it applies to design visualization, appearance evaluation, assembly and function inspection. It can shorten the development and trial production cycle, bring significant time efficiency.

Based on the advantages of these rapid models, many manufacturing companies have such needs. So you should set aside some budget to use automation to create a new prototype.


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