Digital Preservation of the Mural in the Foding Palace

Color 3D scanners like the iReal 2E and iReal M3 capture high-precision color 3D models, driving innovation in healthcare, industrial design, manufacturing, entertainment, color 3D printing, and education.

However, achieving perfect surface detail in color can be challenging with 3D scanners, as their color cameras may not match the performance of professional cameras, which can adjust settings like focal length and aperture for more detailed and accurate photos.

Introducing BesTexture: Elevate Your 3D Models

To address this, we developed BesTexture, a free plugin for all iReal 3D users. BesTexture allows you to use images taken with your phone or camera to apply high-quality textures to your 3D models, enhancing detail and accuracy.

Combining 3D Scanning with Photogrammetry

3D scanning and photogrammetry work together to create photorealistic 3D models by capturing precise geometric data and detailed textures from multiple images.

Digital Preservation of the Mural in the Foding Palace
Digital Preservation of the Mural in the Foding Palace

Here’s a simplified workflow:

  1. Scan with iReal 3D: Obtain and save a .spj project file.
  2. Capture Photos: Take several photos with your phone or camera.
  3. Use BesTexture: Import these materials into BesTexture for automatic texture replacement.

Watch the video below to see how BesTexture and the iReal M3 3D scanner create a vibrant 3D model of a strawberry.

Choosing Between BesTexture and iReal 3D Mapping Software

BesTexture: Ideal for Rich and Distinct Textures

BesTexture is perfect for objects with non-repetitive, distinct textures and is free for all iReal 3D scanner users. It excels in applications like:

  • Digital protection of cultural relics
  • 3D display of artworks
  • 3D digitization of forensic evidence
  • 3D digitization of the human body (e.g., plastic surgery, 3D human figurines, burn assessment)

Photorealistic 3D Texture Made by BesTexture
Photorealistic 3D Texture Made by BesTexture

iReal 3D Mapping Software: Superior for Diverse Objects

Designed for all brands of 3D scanners, iReal 3D Mapping software uses a DSLR camera to achieve superior results, even for reflective and dark objects. The Community version is free, while the full license requires payment. It is recommended for:

  • Higher quality, commercial-grade coloured 3D data
  • Objects with insufficient texture features needing high-definition coloured models
  • Demanding commercial 3D digitization applications

Precise and Colored 3D Model Made by iReal 3D Mapping Software
Precise and Colored 3D Model Made by iReal 3D Mapping Software

How to 3D Scan and Create Texture for 20 MM Cap Jasmine Fruit?

The combination of iReal 3D scanning with BesTexture or iReal 3D Mapping software provides a comprehensive solution for creating photorealistic 3D models with high-quality textures. Whether you’re preserving cultural artifacts or creating 3D displays, these tools offer the flexibility and precision needed for lifelike digital replicas.

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