Ph2.0 connector we also call line to board connector one of them, Ph2.0 connector is imitation of Japanese IST connector manufacturers to develop a replacement connector, Ph2.0 connector connection has two types

Ph2.0 connector our company also known as A2001 connector, it is mainly composed of plastic shell, needle seat, terminal three categories, plastic shell The needle seat is divided into single and double rows, the connector mode is straight insert, bend insert, stick H these three, and another is to belong to the air connection, the main structure is composed of male and female plastic shell and male and female terminal combination together, the general company will adopt a single supporting way, such as: male glue plate end, female glue A with male terminal and so on,

Ph2.0 connector has buckle and no buckle points, its plastic material has been able to achieve a very high fire rating, the use of phosphor bronze material, tin plated surface, needle holder high temperature up to 260 degrees, widely used in household appliances, intelligent equipment

Zhejiang Lianhe electronics Co., Ltd. is specialized in ph2.0 connector replacement manufacturers, but also the production of titanium row connector, our company’s official website:, any demand or questions, welcome to contact us at any time



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