In today’s life, the use of drinking fountains has become very common, so the most important part of the drinking fountains has become very popular, that is the filter element, only this small part is of good quality. Only then can the effect of the water dispenser become better. In many cases, if the water dispenser at home is not working well, you can continue to use it as long as you change the filter element of the filter, and the effect will never be bad.

Water dispenser filter element-RO filter cartridge

Filtration accuracy: 0.1nm direct water dispenser; water purifier filter element technology can filter salt ions and other impurities. The effluent is pure water and reverses osmosis membrane. It is a purifier with a particularly high filtration accuracy. The filter hole is 0.1nm. The ultrafiltration accuracy is 100 times, all ions in the water will be trapped by it, and the water that comes out does not contain any ions.

water dispenser filter element—activated carbon filter cartridge

Activated carbon is generally made of coconut shell, apricot shell, coal, and wood chips through a special process. The inside of activated carbon is rich in pores. The surface of the pores accounts for more than 90% of the entire activated carbon area. Activated carbon uses these pores to adsorb free water. Residual chlorine and some other peculiar smell substances, colloids, organic matter, consumption by-products, to achieve the purpose of improving the taste of water, we generally choose coconut shell activated carbon, because of its good adsorption performance, which is unmatched by other activated carbons. The replacement cycle of activated carbon is generally 3-6 months, depending on the local water quality.

Water dispenser filter element—PP filter cartridge

The water purifier accessories PP filter element is the abbreviation of the polymer material polypropylene, with a filtration accuracy of 5-100um. Because of its mesh structure, it has a super interception effect on those larger particles to achieve the purpose of filtering rust and sediment. The general replacement cycle is 3-6 months.

Water dispenser filter element—ultrafiltration cartridge

Filtration accuracy: 0.01um~0.1um~; filtering and retaining mud, rust, bacteria, viruses, colloids, etc., to achieve the purpose of separation, purification, separation, and concentration of tap water.

You only know what kind of filter element you have before you know which one you choose is the most suitable. Finally, I wish everyone can drink clean and sanitary water every day.




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