Filters are commonly used in people’s lives, and they are widely used in some industries. The bag filter housing is one of the most used filter types.
From the point of view of the working principle, the Bag filter housing is a pressure type filter device. The main components are the filtered cylinder body, filter cylinder cover and quick opening mechanism, stainless steel filter bag reinforced net, and so on. When working, the filtrate flows into the filter bag from the side inlet pipe of the filter housing. The filter bag itself is installed in a reinforced mesh basket. After the liquid penetrates the filter bag of the required fineness level, qualified filtrate and impurity particles can be obtained. Intercepted by the filter bag.

The bag filter housing is very convenient to replace the filter bag, and the filter basically has no material consumption. The filtering method adopted by the bag filter is a side-in and side-out method, or a side-in-bottom-out method. The filtered liquid medium is pressed or drawn into the bag filter barrel through the pressure in the pipeline to filter The liquid medium is filtered by the filter bag supported by the filter basket through the electro-polishing punching hole, and the changed solid and liquid reach the result of the liquid medium being filtered.

After clarifying the working principle of the bag filter, let’s take a look at the advantages of the bag filter housing. For example, the structure is compact, the size is very reasonable, the operation is simple, and the space is small. High filtration precision, suitable for any fine particles or suspended matter, the filtration range can be from 0.5 to 200 microns. The processing flow per unit filtering area is relatively large, the filtering resistance is small, and the filtering efficiency is high. The filtering function of a liquid filter bag is equivalent to 5-10 times that of the filter element, which can greatly reduce the cost; the design flow can meet the requirements of 1 to 500m3/h, and the cost is low. The bag filter housing can be used on many occasions. What kind of filtering effect do you want to achieve, you need to choose according to your own needs, which is more in line with the filtering effect and can extend the use time and reduce the cost.

The bag filter housing has many advantages, so it can be used in many industries. For example, in the chemical and petroleum field, oil products such as lubricating oil and jet fuel can be directly filtered by the bag filter housing, and the catalyst can be recycled. It can perform security filtering before finished product filling and can clean up impurities in the oil. In the coating industry, it can filter paint and phosphating liquids. In the water treatment and membrane industry, the utilization rate is quite high, which can clean up the scale and other things in the water. Wastewater chemicals, etc., can also be cleaned up.


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