Can artificial grass turf be used for a competition venue?

Sports venues are often in short supply and cannot meet the needs of fans. Some poorly maintained sports venues are often ridiculed by fans as “rotated vegetables, small quarries” and so on. This not only affected the performance of the game, but also affected the image. Many fans have called for artificial grass to replace natural grass.
In fact, artificial grass is rarely used in top-level events. But still artificial grass turf is becoming more and more popular? I think it is more because of the passive situation. For example, more than 80% of the Russian League venues use artificial grass. Why? First is for the climate issue. This is an uncontrollable factor. The temperature in Russia is generally low and it is not suitable for the growth of natural lawns. The Russian Super League is held from March to November, and most of the time the temperature is below zero, which is extremely unfavorable for the growth of natural grass. Therefore, the Russian Super League venue uses artificial grass, including the Luzhniki Stadium in the 2018 World Cup finals.

The price of artificial grass turf varies from 3 to 40 US dollar/square meter. The general standard 11-people field is about 8,000 square meters. According to 20 US dollar / square meter, a field costs about 160000 US dollar. The cost of natural turf is less than that of artificial turf, but the maintenance cost is very large. The cost of turf maintenance for the five major league venues has reached 3 to 5 million euros a year, including labor costs, turf repair and replanting. Artificial grass turf has basically no maintenance costs, and the life cycle can reach more than 5 years. This can save a huge cost for a small club.

As the artificial turf process is becoming more and more mature, FIFA is also promoting the artificial turf field plan. For this reason, FIFA has specially formulated the “quality certification” and “quality pro certification” standards. At present, the “quality pro certification” course can be used for the World Cup professional events, and the “quality certification” venue can only be used for warm-up matches and training. And FIFA has certified preferred producer status worldwide to monitor and control the product quality of the preferred artificial grass manufacturers, also the installation and maintenance of the football venues.


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