car indicator light 02

What is a car indicator light?

Referring to the car indicator lights, let me introduce car dashboard indicator lights. It is used to warn us to check our car, avoiding unnecessary trouble.

What are the indicator lights on a car?

Car indicator light

Let’s take a look at some common car warning indicator lights. The picture below shows all the car indicator lights, including the car problem indicator lights. If the car indicator light stays on, it means that you can mat have a fault, so the car dashboard indicator light is very timely for prompt of the fault.

What is the meaning of the car indicator lights?
Check engine light

engine light

What does the alternator warning light indicate?
The function of this car indicator light is to indicate that your car engine may be faulty, or there may be a small problem with the engine. Of course, there is no need to panic. When you see this indicator light on, you cannot run normally at the same time, please pull to the side and turn off the engine, do not use a lot of power, otherwise, you will get a brand new engine.

Washer fluid, door open, low oil indicator light

oil indicator light

Washer fluid, door open, and low oil indicator light are three basic icons that everyone should know and understand.

The washer fluid indicator light is known as a windshield with water flow. When this indicator light is on, it proves that your car washer is not enough. If your car windshield is dirty and you need to clean it, it may cause the wipers to scratch the windshield without the cleaning fluid.

If the low oil indicator light is flashing, it indicates that you need to gas up the car.

There is another situation, the ABS indicator light, and the brake system indicator light are on at the same time, which means that the entire braking system and the vehicle may both lose their function.

car indicator light 02

Refueling indicator light
The refueling indicator light is used to remind the vehicle driver to add fuel to the vehicle in time. When the fuel is insufficient, the refueling indicator light turns yellow; when the fuel is extremely insufficient, the refueling indicator light turns red. However, some models have the yellow light on all the time, so those drivers who are used to waiting until the red light to refuel should pay attention.

How can I turn off the slip indicator light?
The auto dashboard is a device that reflects the working conditions of various systems of the vehicle. It usually includes a fuel indicator light, washer fluid indicator light, electronic throttle indicator light, front, and rear fog light indicator light. In order to prevent the drive wheel from slipping. ASR works in conjunction with ABS in any rev range. When the ignition switch is turned on, ASR is automatically activated, the so-called “default selection”.

Whenever you encounter the corresponding car indicator light, or there is a flashing light, checking is the best way. In order to ensure your car is safe and secure, you can’t ignore everything.


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