5 Tips to choose filter element

Tip one

According to the use situation,the cartridge filters can be divided into liquid filtration and gas filtration, and its size is normally 5 “, 10 “, 20”, 30, and 40 “, etc.Because the aperture of the filter element is different, the flow rate is not the same. For example, if the aperture of the filter element is 0.2um — 0.4um ,then it can filter the turbid water  300-500kg /h, multi-core or combination of 20 “, 30 “and 40” “can be used to improve the filtration capacity per hour.

Tip two

To get suitable filter element,you need to select appropriate aperture. If you want to sterilize, the selection of 0.2um-0.5um aperture filter element is better during the application of medicinal injection, antibiotics, blood products, etc. If you want to remove particles, microorganisms and bacteria during the application of white wine, yellow wine, wine, oral liquid,then you can choose the aperture of 1~5um.To  filter high temperature gas and fermentation air disinfection gas ,we are suggested to choose teflon filter element.

Tip three

To achieve the purpose of fine filtration, pre-filtration equipment must be used in the early stage, and then use microporous sterilizing filter element,such as Bromen pleated cartridge filter and ELC pleated cartridge filter .

Tip four

For the filtration of mineral water, sterile water for medical use, electronic 2D1R integrated circuit water and high quality water for food industry,the cartridge microporous filter should be designed as an independent filtration system, which can be backwashed to save production costs.

Tip five

when using stainless steel filter housing, pay attention to whether the filter liquid has corrosion effect on stainless steel. If not applicable, filter of other materials should be selected.

7 tips to install filter element

1.Base installation

We need to have a look at the inlet and outlet direction before base installation.The liquid should flow from outside the filter element to the center. The pipe connected with the filter socket is the outlet. The flow direction is indicated by arrows on the filter pipe. Don’t make the wrong connection.

2.Filter element installation

The 222 socket is for insertion type; The socket of 226 is snap-in type. If it is multi-core, the pressing plate should be set on the fin, and the female moderate tightening

3.Check the Seal

install the outer shell and base with clamp (single core) or female (multi-core) connection sealed,  do check the seal without leakage.

4.filter disinfection

The new filter must be cleaned before using. The filter used for sterilization should be sterilized and sterilized, and the disinfection work should be carried out in the production line to avoid external contamination.

5.Open the exhaust value

when filtering liquid, we should first open the exhaust valve at the top of the filter, let the gas in the cylinderout, let the liquid fill the cylinder, otherwise it will affect the flow.

6.Pressure drop

The process of filter medium flow will  produce pressure drop (that is, into and out of the pressure difference) due to resistance, in order to overcome this resistance and keep enough flow, it is necessary to have enough working pressure. We have given the corresponding temperature and pressure value for each filter element. In order not to make the filter element by the impact of excessive flow. Be sure to open the valve slowly!

7.Release the filtrate

Filtrate should be released when stopping the machine. If the time is not long, it is unnecessary to open the filter. If the time is long, or the filtrate is not suitable for a long time, it is necessary to clean the filter or filter element.


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