Recently a LinkedIn post argued to buy British synthetic turf and not cheap imports, which started me thinking. Should you buy from a local company, at a higher price, when it is actually owned by an overseas turf supplier, where profit is taken by private equity owners? Interesting!

The premise of buying local to support local manufacturing makes sense, whatever country you are in. But is this not compromised when the extra cost means that customers are overpaying for a product? By customers, I mean contractors and end customers; Whether it’s the club, school, or local authority.

Buying synthetic turf of the same quality at a lower price from overseas turf suppliers is undoubtedly beneficial to both the contractor and the end customer.

Choosing your turf supplier normally comes down to 5 key points. For details of the five key points, please click here to see:

  1. Quality

What kind of turf supplier is more conducive to obtaining high-quality artificial grass?

  • Integrated yarn and tufting
  • Factory Audit
  • R&D and innovation strength

  1. Qualifications

Qualifications are the endorsement of the company’s strength, but also an important basis for choosing a trustworthy turf supplier.

  • Sports grass

Qualifications from leading sports organizations such as FIFA, FIH, World Rugby, GAA, and ITF are very difficult to obtain.

  • Landscape grass

For landscape grass, you can check to see if the company has sent their products for “UV” and “Health” testing.

  1. Performance

An excellent sports turf system is close to the ideal performance of natural grass as well as can deliver playability, long-term durability, and player protection.

  1. Appearance
  2. Warranty

Our industry is fortunate to have some excellent synthetic turf producers, who meet the above criteria, based locally and globally.

CCGrass, the world’s leading artificial grass manufacturer, is dedicated to providing the best artificial turf for both sports and landscape purposes. We have developed a range of sports systems for major sports such as football, hockey, rugby, tennis, padel, and multi-sport. We manufacture a complete range of artificial grass applications for residential, commercial, DIY, pets, golf, city landscape, and many more purposes. For more information, please feel free to call us at 86 25 6981 1666 or email us at


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