China wholesale market

Suppose you want to buy wholesale from China and you don’t know where to buy. At this point, you need a purchasing agent to help you complete the import.

First, we need to know the product distribution in the Chinese market, where to buy the corresponding products, and the price is competitive.

Different products have different markets in different cities. We can find competitive products in those markets.

For example Guangzhou city. There are auto parts market, clothing market, toy and gift market, eyewear market, watch market, hotel supply market, jewelry market, leather market, luggage market, etc.

Shenzhen city. There are many electronic communications markets. You can buy related electronic products.

Yiwu city. a commodity market, you can buy almost all consumer goods.

Foshan city. Home decoration, furniture, lamps, decoration building materials, ceramic products.

Second, we already know where we can buy the products we need, but due to different languages, communication difficulties, unfamiliarity with Chinese cities, and transportation difficulties, we need a Chinese agent to help you complete the purchase.

Third, when we complete the purchase, we must export the products to your country. Right now, we need an agent to help you complete the export process, as this involves product quality control, China customs, and China freight transportation and many more.

Vitor Group as a purchasing agent, can facilitate your purchase in China and import. Let us know when the service of our company needs it.


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