A pin jack is a kind of positioning joint connecting an electronic circuit, which is composed of a plug-in and connector, namely, we usually say pin and jack. In general, the pin and the jack can be completely separated. But the connection is stable when needed, so a pin jack can also be called a connector. A connector pin is a needle-like plug on a connector.

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The stable connection of the pin jack is the basic requirement of the connector. However, there are a variety of connection methods, which are widely used including four kinds – lifting connection, bayonet connection, plug and pull connection, and cabinet connection. The name gives you a sense of how the various connections are represented in the connector structure


1. threaded connection

The threaded connection is a threaded or explosive bolt structure. This kind of structural connection is more stable, but the loading and unloading efficiency is low.


2. Bayonet connection

Bayonet connection can see the obvious concave and convex groove on the connector, this structure can be fast loading and unloading, preventing misinsertion. But the production accuracy is high.


3. Plug and unplug the connection

Plug and pull the connection is very simple, is the vertical friction between the pin and the jack bite each other, the separation is also linear movement, do not need to rotate, plug and pull convenient, widely used.


4. Connect cabinets

The structure is complex, and it is mostly used for electrical connectors on devices that are close to the frame and need to be connected blindly. It can make the electrical equipment lighter, smaller, easier to maintain, and more reliable.


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