Correct winding method of insulating tape

After the insulation layer of the wire is damaged, it must be restored; after the wire is connected, the insulation must also be restored. The insulation strength after restoration should not be lower than that of the original insulation layer. Usually yellow wax tape, polyester film tape and black tape are used as the material to restore the insulation layer. The wrapping method of the insulating tape is as follows: start wrapping the yellow wax tape on the complete insulating layer on the left side of the wire, and only after wrapping two bands of width, can it enter the core wire part without the insulating layer. After wrapping, the yellow wax tape maintains an inclination angle of about 55° with the wire, which is 1/2 of the lamination bandwidth of each circle.
After wrapping a layer of yellow wax tape, connect the black tape to the end of the yellow wax tape, and wrap 1 layer of black tape in the other oblique lamination direction, which is also 1/2 of the lamination width.
Pay attention to the following matters when the wire insulation is restored:
(1) When restoring the insulation of the wire used on the 380V line, you must first wrap 1~2 layers of yellow wax tape, and then wrap 1 layer of black tape.
(2) When restoring the insulation of the wire used on the 220V line, first wrap 1 layer of yellow wax tape, and then wrap 1 to 2 layers of black tape.
(3) When wrapping the insulating tape, the density should be appropriate and the core wire should not be exposed to avoid electric shock or short-circuit accidents.
(4) When the insulating tape is not in use, do not place it in a place with high temperature to avoid heating of the adhesive.


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