Accompanied by the breeze and enjoying the singing of birds, the soothing and pleasant pastoral beauty is inseparable from the creation of characteristic landscapes. For the courtyard renovation of country houses or leisure farms, one yard, one scene and one road can create a different landscape effect, such as the creative design of these four outdoor terraces.



  1. Integrate the terrace with the container garden


If you want to fill the terrace with green plants without allowing too much investment budget, combining the container garden with the terrace is the best solution to transform (decorate) the old courtyard.



  1. Let the terrace echo the fence


The sweet terrace home creates a warm atmosphere for the courtyard; the surrounding free-growing vegetation and native wooden fences set off the rural landscape, which not only complement each other, but also make the entire courtyard landscape look patchwork, like a picture The rural life landscape is “lifelike”.



  1. Integrate a patio with an outdoor kitchen


The outdoor kitchen can not only realize the fun of BBQ at home, but also make various exquisite delicacies conveniently. Setting outdoor fireplaces and even various kitchen utensils on the terrace is favored by more and more people. This can be regarded as adding a layer of human fireworks to the courtyard landscape, creating a beauty of life above the landscape.




Note: If you place a dining table on the terrace, you must determine the appropriate size and spacing of the dining table seats according to the area of the terrace.



  1. Integrate patios with creative crops


For the landscape decoration of the terrace, in addition to various plants, some cleverly transformed crops, such as rice ears, wheat ears or pumpkins, can form a unique creative landscape effect.



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