As the name suggests, the foot pedal switch uses the foot to control the current switch. In a specific environment, sometimes the hand is inconvenient or sometimes the switch needs to be set in a place where the hand cannot reach. At this time, the footswitch can be used. So how do you install the footswitch? How is the footswitch wired? What should I pay attention to when I use the footswitch?

Overview of the foot pedal switch

The foot pedal switch is a switch that controls the circuit to be turned on and off by foot or stepping and is used in a control circuit that cannot be touched by the hands to replace the hands for the purpose of the operation. The simple foot switch is actually built-in a travel switch. When the pedal gives a signal, the switch is executed. In the welding field, the function of the footswitch also plays a role in controlling the output current.

How to wire the foot pedal switch

The foot pedal switch has three wires, one control wire is normally open, one control wire is normally closed, and the other is a common wire that is normally open and normally closed. We only use one control wire to be normally open, and the other is It is a common line that is normally open and normally closed. Use a multimeter to measure the break, the two sticks are connected to any two, press the footswitch to open and release the two that are not accessible. In addition, an AC contactor must be used, and the normally open two-end string in the footswitch is in the AC contactor coil control loop.

Foot pedal switch precautions

Depending on the nature of the load and the current value, please pay attention to the rated load of the product. When handling and moving, be careful of short-circuiting or disconnection of internal wiring. Please pay attention to the protection level of the product when there is a lot of water, oil, dust, and other places. Heavy pressure and shock are the direct causes of damage to the product, so be careful when using them.

The above content hopes to help you answer the question of how to connect the footswitch. In fact, the footswitch also has different subdivision types. There may be differences in the wiring and installation methods. Please refer to the product manual. You can also consult the factory or the merchant. Before installation, understand and implement it to ensure correct wiring.


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