We make designs according our customer’s requirement, continuously improve our techniques, optimize designs and also take the issue of environment into consideration. Sunsky dyeing machine has been well received by domestic and foreign customers.On the basis of 10years professional manufacturing experience,we have successfully developed a new generation of liquor ratio 1:3.5~5, energy saving fabric dyeing machine series OH/UH,and 1:2.8~3.5 yarn dyeing machine SS241H.


Machine confirm to the PRESSURE VESSEL INTERNATIONAL STANDARDS with design temperature of 160’C for maximum working temperature of 140’C.All pressure-related parts of the machine,including heat-exchanger,are designed,manufactured,inspected,tested and certified according to the Pressure Vessel Codes GB150 and GB151 respectively of THE PEOPLE’S REPUBLIC OF CHINA.Additional certificates on pressure tests,welding seam x-ray,resistance calculations and any other test will be given before dispatch.


Sunsky always places the product quality and customer’s needs on the utimost position and strives to better serve our valued customers. We work to bring interests both to our customers and ourselves. We respect and treasure employees’ hard work and share with them the value created by the whole team. We conform to the latest standards and emphasize on managerial, technical and technological innovation. We are looking forward to working with more customers worldwide and create more value together. Sunsky will be your best choice to cooperate!


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