Correct winding method of insulating tape

Correct winding method of insulating tape

Electrical tapes are divided into several categories. There are more people who use electrical tapes. Everyone knows this. With the improvement of production technology, the demand for electrical tapes is also increasing. Therefore, the types of electrical tapes are also increasing. In the past, we purchased electrical tapes with only a few different colors. It is relatively easy to buy at the time of purchase. Now if you go to a large electrical tape store to find tapes, you will find a wide variety of tapes with all functions. The colors of the products are different and there are many choices. Even the same products are divided into domestic and imported ones, and different brands of different origins. How do we choose when faced with so many products?


If we want to learn to choose electrical tape, we have to figure out the classification and function of these tapes, and then find the electrical tape according to the function we need, so that we can find the most suitable electrical tape to achieve the best use effect. Some friends may ask how many types of electrical tape are divided into? The editor will divide the types of electrical tapes for everyone. The classification method is mainly based on the base material. There are three types of base materials, mainly cloth, PVC, and rubber. Three different types of substrates have different effects.


Let’s briefly introduce the functions of this kind of base material electrical tape. The cloth-based electrical tape is mainly used for high temperature resistance, and the use effect is very good. On the other hand, it is also relatively good in oil resistance. It loses its viscosity due to too much oil, so it is used in places where there is a lot of oil such as engines.


The electrical tape with PVC base material is currently the most used in the market. The current PVC electrical tape on the market is mainly divided into two aspects: high temperature and normal temperature. It has the characteristics of functional insulation and flame retardant. Rubber-based electrical tape is more effective than PVC base material, and it can be very safe in terms of waterproofing.



Electrical tape, or electrical insulating adhesive tape, refers specifically to the tape used by electricians to prevent leakage and provide insulation. It is made of soft polyvinyl chloride (PVC) film as the base material and coated with rubber-type pressure-sensitive adhesive. It has good insulation, flame resistance, voltage resistance, and cold resistance. It is suitable for insulation of various resistance parts. Such as car wiring, wire winding, insulation protection, etc.


Electrical tape refers to the tape used by electricians to prevent leakage and provide insulation. It has good insulation properties, flame retardant, high voltage resistance, high temperature resistance, strong shrinkage elasticity, easy torn, easy to roll, high flame retardancy, and good weather resistance. In addition, electrical tape is widely used. It can be used for wire and cable joint insulation, identification coloring, sheath protection, wire harness binding, etc. below 70°C. It can also be used for bundling, fixing, overlapping, repairing, sealing, and protecting in industrial processes. .


When electrical tape is used, it is wound in a semi-overlapping manner. In order to make the wrapping uniform and neat, sufficient tension should be applied. In parallel joints, the tape should be wrapped around the end of the wire, and then folded back to leave a rubber pad to prevent gouging. When wrapping the last layer, it cannot be stretched to prevent the flag from being pulled.


In addition, in order to keep its performance stable, electrical tape should be stored at room temperature and under ventilated conditions.


Electrical tape is generally used to bind wires and cables, and can be used for insulation of various resistance parts, and is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Such as wire winding, insulation protection of various motors and electronic parts such as transformers, motors, capacitors, voltage stabilizers, etc.


Electrical tapes are generally divided into two types, one is used for ordinary voltage, and the other is specially used for high voltage.


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