Electrical tape tips

1. The quality of tape

The quality of the tape is maintained at a certain specification, and its quality is excellent.

2. The quality of tape

There is no certain standard for the quality of tape. Any tape that meets the needs of customers is a good tape.

3. What is tape

Refers to the tape-shaped film that can be pasted by a certain method: such as pressure, heating, etc., which is called tape.

4. Classification of tape

Classified by type: such as industrial tape, electronic tape, medical tape, etc.;

According to the structure: such as single-sided tape, double-sided tape, etc.;

According to the glue series: such as acrylic tape, rubber-based tape, silicone-based tape, etc.;

5. The physical properties of the tape include coating amount, coating thickness, adhesion, retention, self-back adhesion, pull-out strength, initial adhesion, weather resistance, heat resistance, solvent resistance, electrical conductivity, flame resistance, etc. .

6. The composition of the tape

1. Substrate: such as paper, cloth, film, etc.;

2. Adhesives: such as acrylic adhesives, rubber-based adhesives;

Remarks: The testing of the physical properties of the base material and the support focuses on the basis weight, thickness, tensile strength, elongation, and release force; the testing of the physical properties of the adhesive focuses on the viscosity and solid components.

3. Support: such as release paper, release film, etc.


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