Bedding can be the difference between good quality sleep and a sleepless night. It also can be the difference between textiles that last a long time and those that deteriorate quickly. Some fabrics are easy to take care of and some take effort. Some are easy on those who have allergies, and others not as much. In short, not all fibers and fabrics are created equal – there are bedding fabrics for everyone. All in all, fiber and fabric types are one of the most important elements for a comfortable, restful sleep.

To make it easier to pick suitable rest and sleep products for your home, we have created a product guide to assist you. Below you will find an overview of fabric types, advantages and disadvantages, considerations in relation to, for example, seasons, and recommended products for customers in the US and Canada.

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Cotton: Bedsure Cotton Waffle Weave Duvet Cover Set Bedsure Egyptian Cotton Sheet Set

The all-rounder: Soft, breathable, durable, and affordable

Cotton features and benefits

Coming from the Arabic word “Katan”, cotton has been called the king of fibers because of its many characteristics and benefits, including:

  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • Soft
  • Good draping quality
  • Absorbent
  • Strong color retention
  • Strong and durable

With these many benefits, cotton is a popular choice for many people looking for the right bedding.

Cotton Considerations and Disadvantages

Some of the few disadvantages of cotton are that it is rigid (inelastic) and also can be prone to mildew if not treated with chemicals.

Cotton is suitable for all-season use in a variety of bedding categories. For colder weather, it is best to use cotton bedding that has other layers, such as a polyester fill in order to create greater warmth or to add additional layers, such as a comforter or blanket.

Cotton recommendations

Day-to-day cotton bedding products that are suitable for fall and winter include Bedsure duvet, Bedsure duvet cover, and Bedsure duvet insert product categories.

A new Bedsure duvet cover set that provides warmth and softness for fall and winter is the 100% Cotton Waffle Weave Duvet Set. This Bedsure duvet features the company’s popular waffle weave, which creates a textured look and feels to the bedding set. 7 single-hue colors provide freedom of choice and versatility for different bedrooms.

For those who enjoy cotton’s many benefits, yet are looking for a more luxurious experience, Bedsure’s Egyptian Cotton Sheet Set provides an even softer sleep experience with a 1,000-thread count sheet. While all Bedsure sheets provide bedding essentials, this sheet set has extra features and benefits, including long-staple cotton for softness and comfort, and a sateen weave for a glossy luster and smoothness. These sheets are suitable all year round, and great for gifts for family or close friends.

Egyptian Sheets by Bedsure

Bamboo: Bedsure Bamboo Sheets

Balanced comfort: Skin-friendly, soft and thermoregulating

Bamboo features and benefits

Bamboo has become a popular fiber to use in everything from plates and cups to clothing to bedding. Bamboo fibers have many characteristics that make them useful in household bedding including being very lightweight, breathable, and absorbent of dyesBamboo fabrics are thermoregulating, meaning that they will adjust to the body’s temperature. So, they are suitable for people who get hot or cold easily.

Bamboo recommendation

Bedsure sheets help customers to sleep deeply and well, and one of the most popular sheets from them is their Bamboo Sheet Set. Bedsure bamboo sheets are silky-soft and are available in 12 colors. The sheet set includes a fitted sheet with a 16” deep pocket, a top sheet, and a pillowcase. These bamboo viscose sheets are available in 5 sizes, making them versatile for different bed sizes. Made from fast-growing bamboo, these Bedsure sheets are recommended for those who want a soft, breathable sheet set or who sleep hot.


Bamboo Sheets by Bedsure

Linen: Bedsure Linen Sheet Set

The nature lover: Plant-based with a luxuriously soft and breathable feel

Linen features and benefits

Cultivated around the world for more than 6,000 years, linen fabric has many benefits. It is stronger than cotton, is breathable and has natural moisture-wicking abilities, dries quickly, and holds dyes well. Made from fibers from the flax plant, linen is used in a wide variety of applications, and can be used year-round.

Linen considerations and disadvantages

As linen tends to get wrinkly and is not very elastic, it is best for people who are OK with bed linens that are naturally wrinkled, rather than wrinkle-free. People who are looking for elastic fabrics can try out bamboo or polyester, which tend to be more stretchy.

Linen recommendation

For those looking for softness, breathability, strength, and durability in a natural fabric, Bedsure’s Linen Sheet Set is a great choice. Bedsure sheets are soft and many are breathable, yet this sheet set has 100% high-quality French linen. Featuring a natural drape and available in 4 colors these Bedsure sheets are great for all-season use, and for those who “sleep hot” and do not care about wrinkled sheets.

Linen Sheets by Bedsure

Silk: Bedsure Silk Pillowcase

Beauty sleep: Great for skin and hair

Silk features and benefits

Made for thousands of years, silk is renowned for its softness and smoothness. Silk has many properties that make it suitable for particular kinds of fabric production, including high moisture-wicking ability and breathability, as well as a low likelihood of pilling and stretching. These features mean that this fabric is good for clothing or bedding that is next to the skin, such as a silk dress, silk sheets, or silk pillowcase.

Silk considerations and Disadvantages

However, for these many positive benefits, silk is more delicate than other fabrics like cotton, linen, and polyester, so it is not very suitable for active children. It also requires careful cleaning. However, silk is suitable for all-season use and makes a great gift for a spouse, partner, or for those who are planning to get married.

Silk recommendation

Silk is a popular fiber to use in pillowcases because of its many benefits. Bedsure pillowcases include high-quality fibers and helpful features. Featuring 100% Mulberry silk, this Bedsure pillowcase has a tucked-away zipper and is available in 3 sizes and 2 colors (white and black). It can help keep face skin soft and keep hair free from tangling.

Silk Pillowcases by Bedsure

Polyester: Bedsure Cationic Dyeing Comforter Set

The easy-care fabric: Wrinkle and mildew-resistant, strong, easy to wash, and fast-drying

Polyester features and benefits

There are many reasons why polyester is a common and popular synthetic fabric. It is strong, resistant to stretching, wrinkle-resistant, easy to take care of, and quick-drying. In addition, polyester fabric tends to be durable and low-priced. Polyester can be used in a variety of home textile products, including mattress covers, comforters, and blankets.

Polyester considerations and disadvantages

Polyester fabrics tend to be better in cooler or cold weather (unless they have a special moisture-wicking ability, such as those used in outdoor apparel or in cooling blankets). This makes polyester bedding useful for fall and wintertime, or for situations where strong, easy-to-clean fabrics are needed, such as with kids

Polyester recommendation

Bedsure has several polyester bedding products that work well for cool and cold weather, including their Cationic Dyeing Comforter Set. This Bedsure comforter set features cationic dyeing, which gives the fabric an earth-like look, with patterns such as those found on granite rock. With 300 GSM of fluffy weight, this Bedsure comforter is durable and easy to machine wash. The Bedsure comforter set is recommended for people who get cold easily in any season or for those who live in a cold climate or need a strong, easy-to-clean fabric.

Cationic Dyeing Comforter Set by Bedsure

Fleece: Bedsure Fleece Blanket

The cozy friend: Soft, warm, and comfortable for cool, dreary, and cold weather

Fleece features and benefits

Fleece is a popular fabric for cool and cold weather. Most fleece fabrics these days are made out of synthetic fibers. There are several different types of fleeces. Polyester fleece is characterized by its wool-like fluffy softness and is often found in outdoor apparel and home textiles. Fleece has a pile surface on both sides, which means it has pockets of air, which help to keep people warm. Unlike wool, fleece is not itchy, yet it is also warm and hydro-phobic (repeals water).

Fleece considerations and disadvantages

Fleece’s disadvantages include that it can get static electricity, can be hard to clean away pet hair, and can be damaged if washed at high temperatures. For these reasons, fleece fabrics – including bedding and blankets – work great in cooling climates or during fall and winter. They can also work well in homes where there is insufficient insulation and there are drafts.

Fleece recommendation

Combining the warmth of fleece with the softness of polyester microfiber, Bedsure’s Fleece Blanket is one of the company’s most popular blankets. This Bedsure blanket features a single-layer of 300 GSM microfiber fleece. Available in 4 sizes and 27 colors, Bedsure’s Flannel Blanket is highly versatile for use outside when taking a walk or while on a picnic, while watching a movie, or sleeping inside.




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