How to correctly wash filter bag? Nylon filter bag and stainless steel filter bag belong to single layer filter bag,which is made of a thin and slippery a layer of nylon cloth. The filter bag is of low cost and they are suitable for cleaning, also easy to clean,more important is they can be reused, and will not affect its filtering effect. However, we have to pay attention to the cleaning method. It is not allowed to use high pressure faucet to wash directly, and it is forbidden to use water faucet to wash at a certain point for several seconds. At the same time, it is also strictly to scrub with a brush. There is the correct cleaning method for your reference:First we turn the filter bag over, turn it inside out, soak it in the pool; then we should rub it gently, especially at the bottom of the filter bag,as it is easy to leave impurities and breed mildew, it is necessary to rub it for many times to reach the health level.

Bag filter is a kind of pressure filter device,when liquid flow through the side of filter machine shell inlet pipe into the filter bag( the filter bag is installed in the strengthening network), then liquid permeation through the required precision grade filter bag ,finally we can get the needed filtrate, and impurity particles are captured by the filter bag.

Features of bag filter

1.Designed structure with small volume

2.Simple and flexible operation

3.Energy saving and high efficiency

4.Work closed-in and multi function

Application of filter bag

1.Nanofiltration (NF), ultrafiltration (UF), reverse osmosis (RO), electronic membrane deionization and other security filtration;

2.Filtration of pharmaceutical injection, paper making, petroleum and petrochemical, liquid medicine of Traditional Chinese medicine,etc;purification and concentration of biological agents;

3.High purity water pre-filtration for electronics, microelectronics and semiconductor industries;

4.Oil field water injection, boiler supply water, chemical reagents, liquid organic products, high purity chemicals, strong medicine and other filtration;

5.Filtration of Drinking pure water, mineral water, fruit juice, tea drinks, health drinks ;

6.White wine, wine, beer, yellow rice wine and other fruit wine filtration, beer sterilization&filtration;

7.Production and domestic wastewater treatment and water recycling in the process of pre treatment filtration or security filtration;

8.Biological engineering, oil refining, printing and dyeing, water supply and waste water treatment in textile industry, scientific research and experimental filtration, etc

Type of filter bag

1.Proclean normal filter bag

2.Proclean oil filter bag 

3.Proclean nylon filter bag

4.Proclean absolute filter bag

Above is Tips of how to clean filter bag i sorted for you,hope it could do a little help for you,if more information,feel free to contact us


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