Correct winding method of insulating tape

PVC electrical tape is a soft polyvinyl chloride (PVC) film as the base material, coated with rubber pressure sensitive adhesive. Their good insulation, fire resistance, voltage, cold resistance and other characteristics, are suitable for vehicle wiring, wire winding, insulation protection, and so on. PVC electrical tape, also known as Myra tape, is made of polyester film and solvent pressure-sensitive adhesive, with tensile strength and high temperature resistance, and is used to make all kinds of transformers. Ordinary smooth surface or matte insulating tape, good adhesion and flexible material. The color of PVC tape is not monotonous. There are red, blue, green, white, black and yellow. Flammability of PVC electrical tape

When purchasing PVC electrical tape, pay attention to the appearance of the tape. It mainly depends on whether the dough is made, the part should be flat, and there should be no glue or cementation. Although PVC electrical tape has insulating properties, different manufacturing processes can lead to different insulating properties. For example, adding a large amount of filler material to the PVC base material, the phenomenon of anti-whiteness will obviously elongate, and its insulation performance will drop a lot. After doubling the strength, there is no obvious anti-white situation, it can be seen that the material is still very strong. Lead in PVC electrical tape products is a frequently mentioned problem. PVC electrical tape is environmentally friendly and safe.

Flammability of PVC electrical tape

The flammability test of PVC electrical tape is a flammability test specially designed for pressure sensitive/pressure tape. The test sample is a piece of tape with a specific length, wrapped around a steel rod with a diameter of 1/8 inch, with a flag on the top. Burn the steel rod to 20 degrees, close to the flame every 5 times (every 15 seconds), the ignition time of the sample should not exceed 60 seconds, or the sign indicating that its damage should not exceed 1/4. The PVC belt burning test is a “pass/fail” height. UL approved or listed, and adopted the “flame retardant” certification tape, and initially passed the test and UL follow-up service audit test.


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