1.Low Temperature Test

1.1 Normally Low Temperature Test

1.2Extremely Low Temperature Test

2 High Temperature Test

3 Drop Test

4.Shock Proof Test

4.1 Test By Impact Shock Test Device

4.2 Test By Real Firearm


Frenzy-S AUTis the latest launched pistol red dot sight from Vector Optics. As a member of the existing popular Frenzy line, the most specific feature is the housing made of POLYMER. Due to its different material, the weight of Frenzy-S AUT (without mount) is only 12.4g (0.44oz), lighter than two one-euro coins, Frenzy-S AUT is possibly the lightest pistol red dot sight on the market.

In terms of appearance, Frenzy-S AUT’s overall size including the window lens size is the smallest in Frenzy Line. Meanwhile, Frenzy-S AUT has an automatic light sensor and can reach 50,000 hours of runtime for the weakest visible dot. Dot size is 3MOA,the total adjustment range >45MOA.  In terms of imaging quality, Frenzy-S AUT maintains the same high quality as the previous Frenzy, clear image, and free parallax at 50 yards. And undoubtedly, it is designed for real firearms like all other Vector Optics products,suitable for 9mm, .223, 5.56mm, .308 caliber, and even for 12GA shotguns.

At present, there are not so many polymer red dot sight available, the most concern for consumers is its durability. Here we simply divide the durability into three aspects: low-temperature resistance, high-temperature resistance, and drop testing. Let’s check if Frenzy-S AUT is durable enough through several simple tests. Let’s do it.


There must be some customers will use the red dot under the low temperature environment (such as at lower than 0℃). But we must promise that the red dot can still work under this condition and the red dot’s structure can maintain stable. Otherwise, the red dot may be broken by low temperature or do not work when the shooters use it, resulting in bring risk to users. So we have tested the the products at a regularly low temperature and an extremely low temperature.



  • Temperature:-11 to -15℃(12.2 to 5℉). (Official data shows a minimum working temperature of -20℃/-4℉)
  • Duration:3 hours
  • Purpose:Check whether the polymer red dot can operate properly atnormally low temperatures.

Result:As you can see from the pictures, the red dot was put into the refrigerator in working.


Also we have many customers from RUS or North Europe. Not only considering their needs but also we need to know the working performance of the polymer red dot at an extremely low temperature too.

  • Temperature:This experiment used dry ice to bring the temperature down to about -30℃ (-22℉).
  • Duration:90 minutes.
  • Result:The red dot was still clearly visible and the red dot sight still working properly, despite the heavy frosting on the lens.


High temperature environment, like low temperature environment, is a great test for the normal use and structural stability of polymer red dots. When customers in tropical countries use polymer red dots, we also need to ensure the safety of shooters. For example, we need to ensure that the polymer red dot works stably under high temperature conditions, the red dot window adhesion is normal, and the battery will not explode. So we have tested the the products before their leaving the factory and sale.

  • Temperature:60℃(140℉).(Official data shows a minimum working temperature of 55℃/131℉)
  • Process:Preheated the heating box to 60℃ in advance, put into the red dot and kept at a constant temperature of 60℃ during the test.
  • Duration:90 minutes
  • Purpose:Check whether the polymer red dot can operate properly at extremely high temperature.
  • Result:The red dot was put into the heating box in working condition, after 90 minutes at 60℃ it was still working.


The housing material of the polymer red dots often make customers have doubts. For example, polymer red dots are easy to be damaged, the material is not hard enough, and are misunderstood as just a toy. In order to dispel the doubts of customers and let them buy at ease, we conducted a drop test on polymer red dots.

  • Height:1.5m
  • Ground:Coarse and hard grounds
  • Process:Drop the red dot for 20 times.
  • Purpose:Check whether the red dot can still operate normally after multiple drops.
  • Result:After 20 drops, the red dot had only cosmetic wear and was still working properly.


We designed this polymer red dot originally not only for airsoft. We want to make it can used on real fire arms and handguns. So in order to prove this, we used impact shock test device and the glock pistol (real fire arm) to test its shock proof.


Times:20 times


  • Set Frenzy-S AUT to zero on the collimator before the test.
  • Put on the impact shock device
  • Lift the hammer to the horizontal direction.
  • Release it to punch which simulates the recoil at 1000g force.
  • Put it back on the collimator, Frenzy-S AUT was still working and the red dot still coincide with the center of the collimator.


Gun Type:Glock

Ammo:9mm Luger

Times:50 shots

Result:Frenzy-S Polymer Pistol Red Dot Sight can totally hold the recoil of 9mm bullet.

The above is the entire process of the tests, except for the final drop test, which caused slight cosmetic wear and tear, Frenzy-S AUT ran normally throughout, with the red dot always on. The performance of the polymer red dot is fully capable of responding to extreme environments and unexpected situations encountered in daily use. Frenzy series red dot consistent excellent quality combined with polymer material brings ultra-lightweight brings a new experience of use.

Frenzy-S Polymer Pistol Red Dot Sight is available on Vector Optics official website, click the link to place the order→Search: 3 results found for “polymer red dot*” – Vector Optics 2007 (


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