crimping tools

When installing hose crimping tool , the bolt should extend to the outside of the joint. The bolt of each flange end face should be tightened repeatedly and evenly according to diagonal pressure to prevent deviation.

Standard wrench should be used to tighten the nozzle joints evenly. The slippage, edge and fracture of the nozzle joints should not be strengthened by the booster rod. Regular inspection should be carried out to avoid loosening and causing dislocation or seepage. A kind of

Considering the aging problem of rubber products, it is necessary to build a sunshade in outdoor or windward pipes. It is strictly prohibited to expose to sunlight, rain and wind erosion. A kind of

Before installation, it is necessary to select the appropriate type according to the working pressure, connection mode, medium and compensation quantity of the pipeline, and the number of them should be selected according to the requirement of noise reduction displacement. A kind of

Note that the hose joint should be re-pressurized and tightened before it is re-opened after installation or long-term shutdown. A kind of

Attention should be paid to the adjustment of pressure. When the pipeline produces instantaneous pressure and is larger than the working pressure, the joint with one gear higher than the working pressure should be selected. 7. Pay attention to its water temperature regulation. The normal suitable medium is ordinary water with temperature ranging from 0 to 60 degrees Celsius and special medium. A kind of

For high-rise or suspended water supply, the pipeline shall be fixed on the hanger, bracket or anchor, and the joint shall not bear the weight and axial force of the pipeline itself, otherwise the joint shall be equipped with anti-pull-off device.



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