Household direct drinking heating integrated machine with counter tap water reverse osmosis purifier

The on-stage heating integrated machine adopts high-precision reverse osmosis membrane and 4-level deep filtration technology, which can effectively filter out harmful substances such as bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, residual chlorine, scale, microorganisms, etc., and the filtered water is fully in line with national direct drinking water The standard is safe and healthy pure water, which can be consumed directly.

The on-stage heating integrated machine is in line with the living habits of young people nowadays, and its small size plays a big role. Not only is drinking water convenient, but it also raises the health and safety issues of drinking water. The filtration of bacteria, viruses, impurities, microorganisms, etc. is as high as 99.8%.

Main features:
1. 3 seconds rapid heating, that is, hot water purifier;
2. No installation on the stage, flexible placement, just power on;
3. One-piece core exchange, one card and one buckle, easy core exchange;
4. Smart display, real-time control of filter life and water quality;
5. 6 kinds of water temperature, honey water, milk brewing, room temperature water; making tea, brewing coffee, boiling water;
6. The hot water flow rate can reach 0.13L/min;
7. Movable 3L large-capacity water tank to meet the drinking water needs of the whole family;
8. The ratio of clean water to waste water is: 3:1;
9. Fashionable appearance design, intimate and applicable functions;
10. All use food grade materials.

Introduction to the filter element of the on-stage water purifier:


Filter Element Filtering Impurities Recommended Replacement Period
PAC Membrane Filter ou sediment, rust, colloid, etc., absorb different colors, odors, residual chlorine, etc. 6-12 months
RO Membrane Filtration accuracy 0.0001um,Filter  out mirco-impurities such as bacteria,microorganisms and scale. 12-24 months
CF Membrane Rich in strontium, calcium, iron, zinc and other minerals, enhance the taste of water. 6-12 months

Household,Bedroom,Kitchen,Office,Living Room,etc.


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