What is a Bag Filter Housing?

Bag Filter is an fluid pollution control device,which helps to remove particulates from a fluid stream released from any commercial process. Filter bags are fabric designed with the intention to remove particulate material from the fluid and they are always inside the housing which is sealed.

What is a Bag Filter Housing made of?

The type of material a bag filter housing used will depend on the nature of the application,and what we most used is Stainless Steel.

The most common grades of stainless steel for this application include 304 stainless steel (SS 304) and 316 stainless steel (SS316).

So, what’s the difference between SS304 stainless steel and SS316 stainless steel ?

stainless steel Difference  SS 304 stainless steel  SS 316 stainless steel
Material SS304 is an alloy of 18% chromium and 8% nickel  SS316 is an alloy of 10% nickel, 2% molybdenum and 16% chromium
Advantages SS304 stainless steel is capable of resisting corrosion and oxidation.  SS 316 is known to have high heat resistance due to its chemical composition and it portrays high corrosion resistance.
Applications  the pressure vessels, tanks, tubing or piping etc desalination plants, seawater systems etc

 How many kinds of Bag Filter Housing?

According to the quantity of bag filter, we main have two kinds of bag filter housing: Single Bag Filter Housing and Multi Bag Filter Housing.

bag filter housing Difference  Single Bag Filter Housing  Multi Bag Filter Housing
Bag filter element  Only one pcs bag filter element  More than one pcs bag filter element
Material Plastic bag filter housing Stainless steel 316 or 304


Stainless steel 316 and 304
Pressure working pressures ranging from 100 PSI to 300 PSI Standard design pressure of 150psig


How to choose Bag Filter Housing?

Whenever you’re buying a bag filter, there are some things you should keep in mind:

1.You may choose a system with only a single or two housings.

2.The cover should be easy to open and close with the minimal time.

3.The housing design should be compact and it should have good working space to facilitate easy removal, cleaning and maintenance of the bags.

4.Deciding to buy the best bag filter may be challenging, but can depend on the flow rate required.

5.To choose the bag filters with a micron rating between 0.5μm and 200μmallows removal of particulates of any nature,which gives high efficiency during operation.

6.You must choose the correct size of filter bags that can fit in the housing. You should consider both the width and length.

Cases of Multi Bag Filter Housing 

Case one :Horizontal 3 Round 60″ high flow cartridge housing now completed to an old client.SS304 MOC, 3 mm shell thickness, 10 bar pressure design, Swing Arm, 6″ ANSI Flanged and Shot Blasting finish.

Case two :Dual 4 bag vessel (size 2), SS304 material, 10bar,DN100, spring aided lid and EPDM sealing. Each 2 housings would be connected with butterfly valve for flexible operation.

Which brand of bag filter housing are you using?Any problems with your hydraulic filtration system? Fell free to contact us, we Brother Filtration will solve your water treatment problem all the time.



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