The types of toggle switches mainly include bipolar type, vertical installation type, horizontal installation type, standard type, and ball type. It is a manually controlled micro switch, which is similar to a DIP switch. The following editor will specifically introduce the classification of toggle switches.

Classification 1. Bipolar single-link toggle switch

The    switch opens and disconnects the phase line and the N line at the same time to control a branch, so it is a double-pole single-link button switch. The contact is in the form of 3PDT, which is mostly used for multimedia speakers and audio.

category two, vertical installation right-angle toggle switch

The terminal is installed vertically and the terminal pins are at right angles, so the right-angle toggle switch is installed vertically. Its contacts are made of gold-plated material with strong reliability. It is mostly used in anti-theft equipment and police system.

Classification Three, splash-proof knob switch with spherical knob

The panel is installed in a splash-proof type with an ‘O’ ring seal, and the button handle is spherical, so it is a splash-proof spherical button handle button switch. Its terminals are in-line, and the bottom of the terminals is sealed with epoxy resin. Strong corrosion resistance, suitable for auto parts.

Classification Four, horizontal installation right-angle toggle switch

Compared with the vertical switch, it only changes the direction to horizontal, so the right-angle switch is installed horizontally. The contact is double pole double throw, and the bottom of the terminal adopts Epoxy Seal. Mostly used in computer peripherals.

Classification 5. Standard surface mount threadless toggle switch

The terminal adopts a standard mounting form, and its sleeve has no thread, which is called a standard surface mount non-threaded button switch. The contact is single-pole double-throw, and its electrical life is as high as 55,000 times. Mostly used in medical equipment.


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