How do the artificial grass fibers play different functions

Artificial grass can be applied for sports and leisure purposes.
Sports grass can be used in sports pitches such as football fields, tennis courts, hockey fields, baseball fields, cricket pitches, rugby fields, basketball courts, badminton courts, etc.
Leisure grass is widely used for interior decoration, yard landscape and building greening.

Let’s explain the artificial grass fibers to provide a top sports system for artificial grass field. We will look at the role of the fiber for different functions.

Monofilament Fiber:
There are many components that come together to create a top monofilament fiber, including the type of polymer used, the quality of the masterbatch (color) and additional ingredients including UV inhibitors. The extrusion process that produces the artificial grass yarn requires the latest technology and a committed and effective quality monitoring system. Once produced the yarn’s thickness (measured in microns), weight (measured as Dtex), width, shape and color combination all play a key role in how the artificial grass system will eventually perform.

Fibrillated Tape:
Unlike monofilament fiber, fibrillated yarn is produced as a wider tape before being semi split (fibrillation) into connected fibers. It has the advantage of being very durable, great at holding infill material in place, but lousy at staying upright. This means that it will flatten down far quicker and can thereby change the characteristics of the synthetic turf surface, which is not ideal for top level football. Its single color also means it can be less attractive to look at.

The function of the fiber:
In a synthetic turf football field of 8,000 sqm there will be over 900,000,000 individual monofilament fibers, that will combine to create a grass like appearance, perfect for sport to be played on. Each fiber should have the ability to withstand wear from the impact of a player, be resilient and able to recover after being flattened and soft to a player’s skin when contact is made. Together the fibers will mimic the highest quality natural turf in performance and appearance, but exceed it in usage and life expectancy.

About CCGrass
CCGrass is recognized by independent market analysts, AMI, as the world’s largest manufacturer of artificial grass. Produce out of two artificial grass factories in Huai’an, China, with a factory area exceeding 500,000㎡ and over 2,000 employees, CCGrass exports to over 100 countries with an annual capacity of 40 million ㎡. CCGrass is a FIFA Preferred Producer, FIH Preferred Supplier and World Rugby Preferred Turf Producer, and also the global leader in the design and manufacture of landscape artificial grass turf.


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