Stl 3D data of the standard car

Cylinder, a key component of the small gasoline engine, is widely used in garden machinery, plant protection machinery, agricultural machinery, aircraft models, etc. Therefore, the 3D inspection of a gasoline engine cylinder is beneficial for manufacturers to better carry out quality control.

What customer needs?

The small gasoline engine cylinder is relatively complicated in structure, the gap between the blades is narrow and deep. As a consequence, 3D inspection of it turns out to be a difficulty.

There are two traditional detection methods, namely caliper measurement and CMM. However, both of them can’t really meet the detection requirements.

Caliper measurement:obvious deviations; low efficiency; unsatisfied accuracy

CMM: hard to detect the complex shape and dead angles; time-consuming

How to find a way that can guarantee accuracy and also take into account the efficiency?

ScanTech 3D Solution

3D scanning is an innovative technology that ensures accuracy and efficiency at the same time. ScanTech HSCAN 3D scanner can rapidly obtain 3D data such as deep holes and inaccessible places of complex objects.

Step 1. Attach several markers on the cylinder and surrounding area (powder-spray unrequired)

Step 2. Scanning the object through transition and splicing method and get 3D data

Step 3. Import the 3D data into 3D software ScanViewer to make numerical simulation

Step 4. Generate color map and calculate deviations to guide product optimization

Time cost:

Attaching markers: 1 minute

Scanning: 5 minutes

Data comparison: 4 minutes

By using HSCAN 3D laser scanner, it only takes 10 minutes to accurately get the color map of the small gasoline engine. The quality control becomes easier based on the precise deviations that are obtained via comparing the 3D model with scanned 3D data. Obviously, 3D scanner provides automakers with effective 3D inspection method, bringing big convenience to manufacturing.


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