1. Basic concept of RO filter

(1) Water inlet: Water inlet is marked on the far right side of the figure above, which is usually water that has been preliminarily filtered (in order to prevent clogging, the raw water usually passes through the pre-filtered carbon rod and PP cotton filter element before entering the RO membrane) , Which contains impurities such as ions, organic matter, and microorganisms.
(2) RO membrane: The white cylinder in the middle is the main place where the incoming water is filtered. Its structure will not be expanded here in detail, and it will be described in detail in Part 3.
(3) Concentrated water: The gray-blue part on the periphery of the blue tube on the left side of the figure refers to the water containing impurities, which is what we often say, the waste water produced after RO reverse osmosis filtration.
(4) RO reverse osmosis water (pure water): the water in the blue tube on the left side of the picture, here refers to the water without any impurities filtered by the RO membrane, also called pure water.

2. Pressurized reverse osmosis + RO membrane filtration

(1) Pressurized reverse osmosis: When the water purifier is working, the incoming water containing impurities will enter the RO membrane part of the white cylinder in the middle from the gray-blue part on the right side of the figure. One thing to note here is that in comparison, RO reverse osmosis water (pure water) is a low-concentration solution, while the incoming water is a high-concentration solution. Generally speaking, the flow of water is from low concentration to high concentration, but if a pressure greater than the osmotic pressure is applied to the concentrated solution, that is, the side of the water, the permeation direction will be opposite, and the flow will start from high concentration to low concentration , So you can get purified water, this process is called reverse osmosis.

(2) RO membrane filtration: Here you can imagine it as an extremely small sieve, which can sift out all impurities except H2O. Since the filtration accuracy on the RO membrane (pore size is) can reach 0.0001 micron, (equivalent to) one millionth of the hair, ordinary bacteria and viruses are 5000 times of it, so all kinds of viruses, bacteria, heavy metals, solids Soluble matter, contaminated organic matter, calcium and magnesium ions, etc. cannot pass. Therefore, the water flowing out of the RO reverse osmosis water purifier can be consumed directly.


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