Tennis courts, like basketball courts, usually have harder surface, because if the surface is too soft, the rebound of the tennis ball is not good. And if you move on it, it is very easy to slip. But now there is a better option for tennis turf.

There are now two types of materials for tennis courts, one is artificial turf and the other is plastic flooring material. Tennis turf has special requirements. Generally, the height is below 20mm, and the grass fiber is relatively wide.


Because if the height is bigger, the rebound ability of the grass surface will greatly increase, that is not conducive to athletes’ movement. In addition, it will also change the direction of the tennis ball.

The artificial turf tennis court is not affected by any environment and can be used at any time.

A small amount of quartz sand filling will also increase the anti-slip performance, making the tennis turf more fit to the ground.


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