Correct winding method of insulating tape

You can bake it with a lighter for 1 to 2 seconds, and then touch it with your hands. If you touch it with your hands, the glue will stick to your hands, but the high-temperature resistant ones will not. Masking tape is made of imported masking base paper and pressure-sensitive glue (or other glue) as raw materials. The masking paper is coated with pressure-sensitive adhesive and the other side is coated with anti-adhesive materials. Sticky tape. It has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, good resistance to chemical solvents, high viscosity, soft fit and no residual glue after tearing. In the industry, it is commonly known as textured paper pressure-sensitive adhesive tape. Main use of masking tape: normal temperature masking tape: furniture, interior decoration, painting concealment, simple wrapping, packaging, etc.;

Medium temperature masking tape: concealment of automobile spray paint, coating and covering of baking paint, etc.;

High temperature masking tape: high temperature spray paint, baking varnish, high temperature over tin stove, electronics industry, etc.

PET composite red high temperature masking tape

High-temperature masking tape High temperature resistance, used for fixing and spraying masking during the production of resistors and capacitors, automobile baking paint, etc. High temperature masking tape Masking paper + composite material Silicone white, red


Product name, base material, standard size, general characteristics, material color, thickness, m/m, width, m/m, length, M (Y), adhesion kg25mm (OZ/”), tensile strength kg25mm (Lb/1″), elongation rate %, withstand voltage kV, withstand Temperature ℃
Spray paint tape TL18 composite substrate red silicone rubber 0.29 (11.4) optional 33 (36) 1.0 (35) 25 (55) 5 5 250
Spray paint tape TL17 composite substrate m Silicone glue 0.26(10.2) optional 33(36) 0.9(31) 15(33) 10 5 250


Good adhesion, high temperature resistance, suitable for PC board tin spraying process to protect gold fingers, no anchor penetration, no glue residue.
Using high-quality textured paper as the base material, it has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, solvent resistance, and no overflow. It is mainly used for spray paint, baking varnish, PC board, circuit board, circuit board immersion tin, wave soldering capacitor tape, coil, transformer, etc. .


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