CCGrass artificial grass manufacturer-sprinkle and level the quartz sand

How to install your own artificial grass turf field?
Professional sports venues have a very standard construction process and require a professional construction team. If it is not a professional venue, such as kindergartens, courtyards, balconies, indoor venues, etc., to save extra labor costs, you can also try to install an artificial turf venue by yourself.

Step 1: clean up the foundation
Laying turf requires a good flatness of the basis. If there is unevenness, it needs to be repaired and leveled; for outdoor venues, if can, it is better to have some slight slope or set drainage holes to avoid water accumulation.

CCGrass artificial grass manufacturer-remove the weeds

Step 2: transportation of artificial turf roll
The artificial turf lawn is 4 meters wide and is delivered in a roll by express delivery. After the grass rolls arrive at the scene, they need to be spread out naturally for a day, so that the folds that may be formed during transportation can be stretched and smoothed; the direction of the grass fibers must be consistent, otherwise color difference will occur.

CCGrass artificial grass manufacturer-lay out the grass roll

Step 3: cutting the turf.
Lay the turf according to the drawings, make the turf joints as compact as possible, or slightly overlap the turf by two centimeters, use a knife to cut from the middle; then cut the excess grass edge.

Step 4: Glue the turf.
1. Put the adhesive tape under the seam of the turf;
2. Roll up the turf side up 20cm uniformly, and evenly apply glue on the back of the turf and on the adhesive tape with a brush and a scraper;
3. When the glue is not sticky, put the rolled turf on the adhesive tape by hand, and beaten with a rubber hammer or with a foot so that the two sides are compact.

Step 5: Clean up the venue.
Clean up the debris on the turf and check the flatness. If wrinkles are found, trim the edge and re-bond.

When installing an artificial grass site, the temperature should be above 5 degrees Celsius and should not be carried out under rainy weather. The bonded turf should keep clean and the dry, otherwise it will affect the adhesion of the glue. After the turf is finished installation, especially in kindergartens and indoor places, it is best to ventilate and dry for a while, and then use it after the glue smell is dispersed.


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