In the previous articles, we have covered many advantages of artificial grass, today in this article, we will focus on why your artificial grass is wrinkling and how to prevent the wrinkles in artificial grass.

Why Your Artificial Grass is Wrinkling

More often than not, the wrinkles could be a result of poor quality turfs, poor installation techniques, high temperatures, or the method and duration in which turf is stored. The wrinkles in artificial grass can be removed before installation, and steps can be taken to prevent them from forming in the future. However, the wrinkles that appear after installation are incredibly difficult and often costly to fix.

So, today we’re discussing some tips to avoid wrinkles in artificial grass.

How to Prevent Wrinkles in Artificial Grass

1. Unroll the Turf in Full Sun Exposure

The first step in every artificial grass installation is to completely unroll the artificial turf in full sun exposure for at least one or two hours.

That’s because the warmth will relax the stiff backing material and allow the blade to stand upright and release any creases. At this time, most wrinkles will be gone.

2. Never Skip Soil Excavation and Remove Organic Debris

Someone skip soil excavation in order to cut their budgets, but this is a serious mistake. This is because organic soils naturally expand and contract due to climate change, creating an unstable base for turf, which can cause some wrinkles in appearance over time. So removal of pre-existing soil from the installation site is critical for long-term applications.

Also, while excavating, be sure to remove organic debris from the bottom as these will break down over time. As these pieces break down, they can create voids in your base that can cause depressions that create wrinkles in artificial turf.

3. Use the Correct Weight of Sand Infill

Using the correct weight of sand infill in your artificial grass plays a significant role in preventing wrinkles on your artificial grass. An evenly distributed silica sand infill will add ballast to your artificial grass which will pin the grass to the base material, preventing rippling.

Also, sand infill helps regulate the temperature of the lawn and prevents creases caused by the expansion and contraction of the latex backing.

4. Fully Compact the Sub-base

It’s really important that the sub-base is sufficiently compacted. Remove the native soil, replace it with a non-expanding base mixture, and compact it, which creates a solid foundation for your artificial grass. Otherwise, the constantly moving foundation will cause the artificial turf to look wrinkled like a carpet that needs to be stretched.

5. Use Carpet Kickers to Stretch the Turfs Tight

Carpet kickers are a must-have installation tool for artificial grass. You’ll find it makes it easy to stretch out the grass and remove creases, as necessary. Use a carpet kicker to stretch out your artificial turfs. If you find any stubborn creases, you can install your turfs with U-pins by sticking them directly into the turf to pin them in position.

6. Ensure the Perimeter of Artificial Grass is sufficiently Well-Secured

The perimeter is the most vulnerable part of an artificial grass installation, you’ll need to secure it correctly. It is strongly recommended to install a perimeter board in areas with high traffic. Without a strong perimeter hold, the interior of the sub-base can become damaged and prone to wrinkling over time.


The installation of artificial grass requires professional skills. It’s often best left to the professionals. That’s because the skills and knowledge of these professions can only be learned through experience.

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