The product we are going to explain today is a waterproof electrical connectors. The waterproof connector is one of the industrial connectors. It plays a very good waterproof role in any industry. Perhaps many people will call it a waterproof connector. There is no big difference. Waterproof connectors, as the name suggests, are based on the waterproof connection of Ethernet, because there are too many complicated factors in the current industry, especially under water, there are countless instruments working underwater, and then all need waterproof connection. The role of the device can guarantee normal operation.

Waterproof connector application place:

Urban outdoor lighting, cruise ships, sprinklers, and various water-related industries all require waterproof connectors, especially in the coastal generation of Wenzhou, industrial facilities on the seashore, and transport vessels, etc., which use a large number of waterproof connectors. There are also some military equipment, such as submarines, which also require a large number of waterproof connectors.

Advantages of waterproof connectors:

1. It has strong waterproof performance. The fully enclosed joints used by Ampron waterproof connectors have the highest performance standards. When the appliances are all immersed in water, the water will not penetrate.

2. The outer casing is sturdy. The outer casing of the waterproof connector made by Amplen is made of zinc alloy surface coating. It is extremely strong and can be used in water with a depth of more than 1000 meters without being affected by water pressure.

3, in addition to the waterproof function, it also has corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, in order to prevent some acidic substances in the water from corroding the connector.

4. Anti-electromagnetic interference. Since water is a conductor, it prevents electromagnetic interference in the water and interferes with the equipment, which affects its normal operation.


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