The description of the product

The mount diameter of 8mm LED 110V yellow indicator light is 8mm, the head material is metal and the color is yellow, which voltage is 110V.

Yellow indicator light LED has yellow and orange two colors, which has a very low color temperature of about 2,700 to 3,000 kelvin,580 MCD. We can also customize brighter yellow indicator light LED.

The yellow indicator light has a variety of applications, such as cars, motorcycles, automation equipment, coffee makers, roasting ovens, dishwashers, test equipment, water heaters, etc.

Filn produces more than 1,000 kinds of metal and plastic lights. If you are a sales representative, you can give customers more choices.

The majority indicator light is designed by Filn itself, ensuring that the product is unique and that you can make a profit on your sales.

The warranty of Filn indicator light is 5 years, Filn will replace them free of charge in case of any quality problems.

The indicator light has no MOQ requirement, you can purchase one piece, and the weight is very light so that the freight cost is very low. Filn indicator light has very high-cost performance, the price is a quarter of APEM, the quality is better than APEM, you can make more profit.

The appearance of the indicator looks good and the delivery time is very fast, usually, we can arrange the delivery within one week.

Filn has 15 years of overseas sales experience and can connect with customers in any country.

If you are a distributor, you can choose various sizes and styles of indicators, write to us, we will have a professional sales engineer contact you and recommend the local popular styles for you.

If you are a factory, you can email us, we can customize the indicator according to your indicator panel, and also recommend a cost-effective indicator.

As an end-user and the amount is relatively small, you can directly place an order on AliExpress.


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